Acknowledging the Poorman family


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A few weeks ago in late July, our oldest son was running with his cross-country team from Fallbrook High School. He took a different route and was running along Stage Coach Lane when he came across a family searching for two of their dogs. They asked him if he’d seen the dogs and described them to him.

A few blocks later he encountered one of the dogs and coaxed it back to its family who was very grateful. Upon resuming his run, he later came across the other dog in the road. He again coaxed the dog back to the family, who was again very appreciative. Normally this would have been the end of the story, but not in the town that can still live up to its nickname of “The Friendly Village.”

The family, the Poormans, went out of their way to identify our son, who had not told them his name. When they found out his name, they wrote him a very nice thank you card and made at least two separate attempts to deliver the card to the only place they knew to find him, his cross-country practice. When they did finally connect, the card not only thanked him for helping find the dogs they “love so much,” it also contained a considerable monetary reward for his efforts.

We know our son was not expecting anything in return for helping to corral the dogs; he did it simply because he felt it was the right thing to do. The fact that the Poormans went significantly out of their way to acknowledge him reminds us of what a wonderful community we still live in. Thank you, Poorman family!

Rommie Huntington


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