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Re: 'Vaccine mandates, what to do response' [Village News, Letter, 9/30/21]


Last updated 10/8/2021 at 4:28pm

In Sandra's response, she seems sincerely concerned about my COVID health. Thank you Sandra. But I think she actually missed my main points. Which is, what is the better choice? She says, without the vaccination I could suffer death. But with it I’d have a much easier time pulling through. Maybe, published numbers seem to support that. She says this is the reality! Well, realities aren't cut in stone. In time, realities change.

Just so you know, I have taken the first two doses. And, I am giving the booster the boot.

(Personal note: I have been plagued with a seasonal cough, phlegm and slight weakness, over the last five weeks. Doctor-prescribed antibiotics haven't helped, yet? Why?)

Last April, I got my shots, it just seemed like the right thing to do. We all just lined up like toy soldiers and did it. Not much to contemplate then. Since then, much more data about the vaccines has been available. That’s why I commented, if I take the vaccine, recent data shows my chances of dying by heart attack, blood clots or organ failure are now possibilities. Hence new realities for Sandra. One of these might be my demise anyway. My real concern is with the vaccine itself.

Don’t think anyone is thinking of some other aspects. Just yesterday, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin was on a news broadcast and said the vaccines (that’s plural) available in the USA, have not been approved by the FDA. Only vaccines that are sent out of the country are approved. This can only mean that the vaccines in use here are a different version. Why is ours different?

Which brings Big Pharma into the picture. What is an FDA approval anyway? As I understand the process, FDA approvals are granted largely on the data supplied by the manufacturer. The FDA does very little testing on its own. That would mean an approval is done on the recommendation of the Pharma that created it. If this is not true, I’d like to know. Which brings up another aspect. How much money has Big Pharma collected from millions of people getting their shots. How many billions and billions of $$$ has Big Pharma collected? Is it money that feeds the shot frenzy? I’m just asking.

And it’s not over yet! The more people want to get back to normal, the more pressure comes down to keep that from happening. We have been under mandates of one kind or another for almost two years. Nobody wants to stay home. Have you seen the clogged freeways on the weekends? The people want to get out from under the pressure, but it just keeps ramping up!

Our Governor just this week has mandated all school age children, K through 12, must get vaccinated as soon as vaccines are fully approved (must not have heard what Sen. Johnson said) for children age 5 and up. Why? What's the driving force? It can’t be for the kids!

Last time I saw the CDC chart for recorded deaths of children under 18, only 1 child in 10,000 will die with COVID as a factor. Really, and he wants to give it to a 5-year old? Why would anyone want to give this to our children as young as 5-years old? These vaccines are genetically engineered to alter immune systems. And he wants to give it to our kids and alter their already healthy immune system. I'm just asking.

Lewis K. Shell


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