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Re: 'Promises: empty words or real commitments?' [Village News, Letter, 12/2/21]

By now everyone has heard of Trump Derangement Syndrome, often abbreviated as TDS, which is that bizarre hatred and fixation on anything "Trump." A typical characteristic of TDS, which has remarkable persistence and is likely chronic, is a tendency to lash out angrily at any mention of Trump. Another is the inability to admit to any positive accomplishments ever done by President Trump, no matter how glaringly obvious.

Which brings me to John H. Terrell's letter of Dec. 2, entitled "Promises: empty words or real commitments?" Right away, the name "Trump" appears. Eleven more times in all, if you include the "he" and "his" that refer to supposed failures of our former president.

The thrust of Terrell's letter is that Mr. Trump promised action, but never delivered. That accusation is flat-out false. The Trump administration's many accomplishments occurred despite continuous opposition by the media, Democrats, and the U.S. Government itself to anything they attempted.

Phony accusations by the Clinton campaign – of Trump's people "colluding" with Russians before the 2016 election, grew into the infamous and wasteful Muller probe. When that didn't result in the impeachment they promised (from the beginning of Trump's presidency), the Democrats grasped at the only straw they had as time ran out: President Trump's call to Ukraine's government concerning Joe Biden's shakedown of them, involving his son Hunter. Trump wanted information on how the U.S. Vice President could threaten withholding foreign aid to Ukraine, unless they quit investigating a corrupt Ukrainian gas company.

Why would Joe Biden care about that, Mr. Terrell? Well, that corrupt company employed Hunter Biden at $1,000,000 per year, with no qualifications required, other than a direct line to the White House. So instead of investigating Joe Biden for gross corruption, the U.S. Democrats and media went after Mr. Trump with another baseless investigation and impeachment attempt, this time for "colluding with the Ukrainians to influence the 2020 election." Does this help explain why Trump didn't fulfill every promise?

In contrast to President Trump, Mr. Terrell thinks that Biden is a real man of action. He concludes by cheerleading for Biden's latest unfilled promises: the "infrastructure bill" and the "Build Back Better Boondoggle," which he is convinced will improve health care and lower premiums for coverage. TDS springs eternal!

David Lewis


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bigpixsure writes:

looks like you have TDS real bad.... unlike of those of us that smelled s#$t from the day he decided to ruin this country!