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Last updated 2/10/2022 at 10:46pm

Did you happen to catch Biden's first press conference this year? As usual, Joe was full of piss and vinegar, but then we know he has a penchant for hyperbolic rants. You may remember his admonishment of a young co-ed calling her a "Dog-faced pony soldier!" Or the classic invective he hurled at a portly senior citizen challenging him to a push-up contest and referring to him as "Fatty!" Very classy, Joey, and they called Trump a bully!

But this time, his unhinged outbursts were directed at his favorite target, Republicans. "What do Republicans stand for" he opined? One would conclude that after nearly a half-century in DC, he might know the policy positions of the RNC. Despite his declining cognitive state, which is obviously clouding both his memory and his judgment, Joey just might be onto something.

After all, there are vast differences in the philosophy of governing and the political policies of Republicans and Democrats. For instance, when Republicans are on bended knees asking God for forgiveness and praying for salvation, Democrats are on their Obama phones scheduling their next federally-subsidized abortions. When BLM is marching in the streets shouting, "Pigs in a blanket fry 'em like bacon," we are mourning the loss of officers whose lives were needlessly taken.

When Republicans insist on our military's combat readiness, the Dems are recruiting beta males offering them transgender operations. And while America's working-class struggles with runaway inflation, Democrats are smuggling hordes of illegals into all parts of our nation.

Is it just me, or have you noticed that no matter how successful Democrats become, they are always angry and always hating on something or someone? A miserable and obnoxious group of malcontents like The View’s neurotic clucking hens. Or the sniveling anchors at CNN and MSNBC spewing lies about you and me through their elitist lens.

In contrast, we Republicans are pretty happy people most of the time. But when you tell us our daughters are safe in their high school gym and a transgender male rapes them, well, that makes us seethe with rage. When we watch our cities burning and see ANTIFA looting with damages in the billions, and with no consequences ensuing, well, that makes us mad as hell. And when you accuse us of insurrection for a benign trespassing beef except for the killing of Ashli Babbitt by the Capitol police, well, don't be surprised if this raises our ire.

The pillaging and killing in our streets, apocalyptic signs of things to come, shamelessly harvesting ballots, counting them twice or thrice, is this what our elections have become? No voter identification or signature verifications are required, and no chain of custody or oversight is desired. The integrity of our elections be damned; all ballots cast for Dems will be counted as they demand. So, Joey, you may not know what Republicans stand for, but "We the People" know what Democrats stand for.

You see, we Republicans are the sons and daughters of the working class, the forgotten men and women of the middle class. We are the backbone of our economy, unsung heroes of every race. Weary of your party's deceit and deception, furious our rights are always being trampled on. We are angry for what you have done, and like the colors of our glorious flag, we will never run. "American First" and "Saving America," these are the anthems we have become. So thank God, Joey, your party's reign of terror is about to be undone.

Dave Maynard


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