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Re: 'DEA recognizes National Fentanyl Prevention and Awareness Day' [Village News, 8/25/22]

As I read this article, I think to myself, how many millions of tax dollars are we wasting on this?

All the time and money to “raise awareness” and yet it just keeps pouring across our borders faster than ever before.

While it may appear to be very noble, it’s what the left does! Pretends to be doing something while in reality wasting tax dollars doing nothing. I am curious as to how many billions we have already spent since the 1990s with the “Just Say No” program.

We have been fighting this battle for decades and haven’t made much of a dent. When you read about the horrible dangers of fentanyl, it is heart breaking to say the least and my prayers to the family members left behind. While our government pretends to be doing something about the drug problem…here’s a better solution. Close the Southern border and protect it instead of pouring billions into the Ukraine border to protect their sovereignty.

Send in the National Guard and help the poor Border Patrol agents who are spending their time processing a bunch of illegals breaking our immigration laws. When you hear or read about the millions of dollars we do catch coming into our country, you can imagine the billions that get through.

Slap “Trump” tariffs on China which produces and supplies the cartels with this poison. If China doesn’t stop, then continue to apply pressure in some other way. Our overpaid representatives in Congress need to figure it out and do something besides throw tax dollars at the problem we are and have been losing. We’ve already lost over 100,000 people in 2021 alone. It needs to stop at the border

Now we now have a worthless museum called “The Faces of Fentanyl”? Whose bright idea is this? How many millions went into building this? How many millions of tax dollars are slated for keeping it running? Again, a big waste of tax dollars that the federal government is raping us all for.

I hope and pray the 2022 and 2024 elections aren’t stolen again as we need to get competent people in office that will stop all this insanity that we are forced to endure every day.

It will take us years to come back from what the Biden Administration has done and if we aren’t watching and participating in the actual count, we are doomed forever. Make America great again!

Shanika Benson


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