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It's a citizen's right to question the government.

Julie Reeder


Recently there have been dozens of whistleblowers who have come forward and provided information about what the FBI has been up to, and it’s not good. It’s not honorable. It’s not what they got into the agency to do. And that was in addition to what we already knew they were up to!

Most recently, one whistleblower described how the agency was deprioritizing child trafficking cases so they could focus more on “domestic violent extremism.” He reported that the FBI was inflating numbers and working to open more investigations into domestic violent extremism in order to make the threat appear larger than it really was, which resulted in pulling resources from child trafficking cases. He was also let go from his job, even though whistleblowers are supposed to be protected.

I was surprised to listen to President Biden’s speech to the nation on Sept. 1 where he labeled roughly half of the adults in the country who voted for Trump as a “threat to democracy” and earlier he accused Republicans of embracing “semi-fascism.”

I know I write about this a lot, but it’s getting more serious. Right now the heat, anger, hate and rhetoric is geared toward Republicans and doctors, scientists, business leaders, etc. who don’t adhere to the party line and political, cultural, or health ideology. A warning to those who are comfortable because you’ve been lulled into thinking you’re on the right side, or the more virtuous side; beware, because some day those in power may come after you too.

Notice the hypocrisy of our leaders punishing the educated for dissent, but allowing real criminals to roam the streets.

It reminds me of Cambodia in the 70s when the Pol Pot regime was taking over the country and they killed all the educated people including the doctors and teachers because they were a threat to Pol Pot’s power. He couldn’t let those intellectuals and dissidents live.

Mao Zedong, Lenin and Stalin did the same thing. When a political power is taking authoritarian control, they have to eliminate the educated, the critical thinkers, the spiritual – anyone who can or will oppose their power and control.

In our country, despite the current administration’s attempt to make it illegal, it’s our Constitutional right to question our government. It’s our Constitutional right to question election results and, in fact, there are documented at least 184 instances where Democrats questioned election results.

It’s our Constitutional right to assemble and to refuse a medical procedure, especially if it is untested and there isn’t informed consent. It’s our Constitutional right to not support drag queen shows for children, or gender affirmative care leading to irreversible surgeries for children. It’s our right to protect our children from teachings that we believe are detrimental and it’s our right to stand up to school boards and say so.

None of those things make normal citizens violent domestic extremists, purveyors of misinformation, or semi-fascists, even if the government has started considering words to be violence. Those freedoms, including free speech, are what makes America great. Those freedoms and the prosperity that comes with capitalism are what drives many of the migrants across our borders from Communist countries and countries that are on the brink of communism.

Our FBI and DOJ have proven to be corrupt. Our media and big tech have been proven and admitted to be complicit. We need a massive cleanup of government officials and administration and some lessons on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Some people don’t think the country can be turned back around, but I believe it can. We have to make sure we don’t back down from exercising our God-given, inalienable rights as free citizens of this great country. Our children and those migrants who have given up so much depend on it. They also depend on our government to control who comes in, so that we can live the American dream with less fentanyl and real terrorists coming to join us.


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