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MAGA Movement or Marxist Makeover, which shall it be?

On Sept. 17, 1787, after months of debate and consternation, our Constitution was signed by delegates from 12 of the 13 colonies, giving birth to a new nation. In attendance were lawyers, farmers, merchants, and soldiers, the men who forged the way with blood and treasure to bring us to this momentous occasion.

Among them was the senior statesman Benjamin Franklin, the Elon Musk of his time, also known affectionately by his friends and adoring fans as Dr. Franklin.

As Franklin left the grand chamber of Independence Hall, he was approached by Elizabeth Powel, Philadelphia's most noted and outspoken socialite. With a winsome smile as if she knew the answer before she asked it, she asked, "Well, Dr. Franklin, what type of government have you given us?"

Pausing before replying, Franklin pulled his embroidered handkerchief from his breast pocket, removing his spectacles with his left hand and wiping the sweat from his brow with the other, he answered, "A republic if you can keep it!"

On Nov. 8, we will decide if we keep the representative republic that our forefathers envisioned or if we will be buried in the graveyard of ancient history like so many lost civilizations of the past.

And yet today, more than two centuries from the birth of our nation, the Democrats are positively euphoric over the ominous prospect of relinquishing our "Inalienable Rights" in exchange for the acquisition of unbridled power. Is it possible we may be entering a new era when worshiping at federal edifices and bowing before government steeples will supplant the individual rights of a once free and proud people?

It's hard to understand the Democrats' inclination to pursue isms like collectivism, socialism, and communism. Some may argue that the DC Democrats' incarceration of the Jan. 6 political prisoners and the White House-inspired FBI's raid on Mar-a-Lago suggest the Democrats are equally enamored with fascism.

But we Republicans are not fooled by their bombastic rhetoric or political pranks designed to skew the truth. We know the Democrats’ obsession with their isms is inextricably linked to their Party's desire to acquire absolute power, no matter its toll on our liberties or the cost to our freedoms. One can only hope that the midterm elections will bring an end to this soviet-style madness with MAGA victories from sea to shining sea.

One final thought: So, Joey, it's your Party's ongoing "Marxist Makeover" that endangers the nation and threatens the fate of our Democracy, not the "MAGA Movement." It's your Party that is hopelessly adrift, untethered from our founding principles, and heading toward an authoritarian abyss that threatens our future. It's not Republicans or Libertarians who admire and desire Marxist concepts; it's Democrats who do.

So maybe you and your fellow Trotskyites might want to give your war on our free markets and free speech a rest and return to the precepts of our founding Fathers by adding MAGA isms like Capitalism, Republicanism, and Patriotism to your list of coveted isms?

Dave Maynard


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