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Re-elect Roger Merchat for BUSD School Board

Whenever I leave my Sycamore Ranch neighborhood, turn left onto Gird Road and drive past the lush vineyards of Monserate Winery, several people to whom I’m very grateful come to mind.

The first is Teresa Platt who was a leader back in 2015 through 2018, informing Gird Valley residents about two key issues that would forever change this quiet community. The first was the proposed high school at the south end of Gird Road. The second was the vacant land for sale, previously the Fallbrook Golf course, and whether it would be sold to a developer for high density housing.

The information the residents received resulted in the defeat of DD, the $58 million dollar school bond measure in 2016 to build a high school on Gird Road, and then just two years later, the defeat of EE, the $38 million dollar school bond measure which was defeated by a wider margin in 2018.

Second, I want to thank Jade Work for buying the vacant land, planting the vineyard, and building the tasting room and banquet venue which hundreds of people enjoy weekly and which has brought the community together. Jade’s personal financial sacrifice to preserve Gird Valley will never be forgotten.

Thirdly, I want to thank Bonsall School Board Trustee Roger Merchat, a resident of Gird Valley for 19 years whose son attended Bonsall Elementary and Sullivan Middle schools. In 2018, when Roger was voted in, he inherited the BUSD district’s 7 years of deficit spending and depleted reserves, down from 30% to 3.8% in just six years. During Roger’s tenure, he helped rescue the district from financial ruin.

Currently, the district’s reserves are back up to almost 27%. Most importantly, Roger is pro-student, collaborating with Palomar College so that students can graduate high school with an AA degree. He has approved the hiring of reading and math specialists to keep students on track in addition to supporting extracurricular activities, more sports programs, and the Rawhide Ranch experience for middle school and high school students.

He has also helped find paid internships with companies such as Qualcomm. Roger, a fiscal conservative, has our back when it comes to protecting property owners’ taxes and is helping Bonsall students achieve and stay competitive.

In summary, let’s not forget what this area could have been. We could be driving past high density housing instead of the Monserate vineyards. On the south end, we could be driving by a massive high school which would have added to the daily traffic on this two-lane country road. These were the right decisions for this community and supported by its residents.

Thank you, Teresa, for informing us voters. Thank you, Jade, we love Monserate Winery! And thank you, Roger Merchat, the only candidate endorsed by the Republican Party of San Diego and Carl DeMaio. Roger has served our district well. Please vote for Roger Merchat for BUSD School Board – Area D.

Pauline Voges


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