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Re: 'Making sense of the midterm elections' [Village News, Maynard letter, 12/22/22]

Maynard strikes (out) again. He starts off with a reference to the “stench of societal decay,” as if it had something to do with the Democratic Party. I told him in no uncertain terms last week, that stink is from the character assassination and endless gaslighting originating in the Republican outhouse.

Right now, Maynard wants to downplay how badly the Republican Party blew it in the 2020 election. The far right power brokers who finance their political campaigns got what they thought they wanted in overturning Roe v Wade. That tribute to their unbelievable misogyny mobilized women voters across the political spectrum.

The Democratic Party did spend twice as much as the Republican Party, because their billionaire supporters backed off. They had realized early on what a loose cannon Trump was and decided it was time to dump him. Wise decision. Since the election, Trump refused to concede, orchestrated the Jan. 6 Insurrection, and has stated parts of our Constitution should be voided so he can return to office. And after two years, there is absolutely no evidence of the “massive election fraud” that supposedly stole the election away from him.

Of course, Maynard cast the usual aspersions: Hyperinflation? Hardly: it’s a global phenomenon. And the Fed’s efforts are mitigating the effects somewhat. Election tampering by Democrats? How about providing some evidence. Most laughable: “recent election law changes overwhelmingly favor Democrats.” From gerrymandering to voting restrictions, there’s nothing Republicans won’t do to stop Democratic voters.

The last half of Maynard’s letter airs some of his Party’s dirty laundry. I’m sure he knows more about that than I do. So, I’ll not comment except to say, if he keeps at it, perhaps he’ll find where that stench is coming from.

John H. Terrell


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