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The 50 year plan

A Gallup survey from 2017 concluded there are 750 million people worldwide that, if given the opportunity, would permanently move to another country. The survey also concluded that for 21% of those, the country of choice is the United States; 158 million people would move to the United States if given the opportunity to do so. That is an astonishing number. It is unconscionable to demonize any of these people who are simply seeking a better life for themselves and their families. (source:

There is no real consensus on who were the first inhabitants of North America. Some say they were people from northeast Asia who 12,000 years ago walked across an Ice Age land bridge into what is now Alaska.

The point is humans have desired to move to new places ever since there have been humans. The current influx at our southern border is not because there are all of a sudden more people that want to come to the United States. It is because our government has messaged the world that we are no longer enforcing immigration laws that require an orderly and legal process to be followed.

People are taking advantage of this opportunity to come to the greatest country in the world. Can you blame them?

If we are patient the situation will resolve itself. A number bantered about recently is something like 250,000 border crossings per month. That’s three million per year under the border policy of the current administration. Who knows what the real number is?

Keeping the current border policy in place for another 50 years will allow almost everybody who wants to immigrate to the United States to do so. Who says the President and Congress have no plan? What else can it be?

Steven Smith


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