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D'Vine Path students utilize CalABLE program for services

FALLBROOK – According to the Center for Disease Control, approximately one in four adults in the United States has a disability. San Diego County offers many services for the disabled community, including D'Vine Path and the vocational education they provide.

D'Vine Path aims to empower individuals with developmental disabilities through teaching them necessary life skills and providing individualized vocational training. Another program in California that provides helpful services is the CalABLE program.

With a fee of $37 per year, CalABLE helps provide individuals with disabilities financial assistance. Offered to all qualifying people in California, this program provides an account for the beneficiary to deposit up to $17,000 a year without affecting their disability benefits. If the beneficiary is employed, then more money can be deposited without taxation or changes to their disability benefits.

Individuals eligible for CalABLE must meet a list of requirements. This includes having a disability that occurred before the age of 26. Although the age range is in the process of being changed due to the ABLE Age Adjustment Act passed by Congress in 2022, currently individuals must have had the disability occur before turning 26 years old. According to the ABLE Age Adjustment Act, in the future the age range will expand to include individuals whose disability occurred between the ages of 26 and 46.

Although there may be additional fees on a case-by-case basis, CalABLE provides accessible financial services for the disabled community in California. The account can be created and accessed online, and money can be deposited or withdrawn at any time.

For individuals with disabilities, as well as their families, the benefits they receive from SSI are crucial in providing finances for care, medications, further education and more.

D'Vine Path Executive Director Lenila Lingad Batali believes that the CalABLE program is extremely beneficial and has provided many opportunities for the disabled community in California.

"The CalABLE program has been a game changer for those who have found their dream jobs but don't want to risk their eligibility for public benefits," said Lingad Batali. "They can now save and plan for their future,"

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