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Re: 5/18/23 issue

Great issue Julie, from the front page about the scammers to the letters. I highlighted most of the propaganda phrases in Leticia Maldonado's letter and it looks like a DOJ redacted confession about Trump prosecutions. Wondering where all of that racism etc. has been hiding in Fallbrook since we took up residence in 1987.

I have learned to be suspicious of anybody or organization that spouts the DEI line etc. Glad to see the reasonable and non-hate-filled Lindsay Jones rebuttal. Wish I was in the right district to support their effort to purge the school’s library shelves.

Had planned to attend your 25th get together on the 18th but had family visiting and they wanted to get fish and chips by the ocean in Carlsbad.

Thank you for keeping up the effort to put out a great weekly paper.

Jim Boyd


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