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Crackdown on Homeless leads to arrests

A male and a female were both arrested this morning for public intoxication, according to SDSO Sgt. Bowman, in the alley between Main Ave and Vine Street on Ivy. Ironically, a "No Loitering and No Alcohol" sign was right above where they were sitting and drinking, according to SDSO officers.

The arrest was part of a homeless focus that the Fallbrook Sheriff's Department with the help of some County personnel and community members, was out in force throughout Fallbrook Village, making contact with homeless people on Pico Promenade, Alturas and Ammunition, Ivy and Vine in the alley area.

The team that was out in force included Fallbrook Sheriff deputies, County staff, SDSO Cpl Hayek from the Homeless Assistance Resource Team (HART), property owner Craig Grimm, Tony of AC Investigations, Brad Fox, and Roy Costello, to name a few. Long-time resident and realtor Craig Grimm, who occasionally collects shopping carts around town and returns them to their owners as a service to the community. Grimm said one homeless person named Delma Barron was also served while she was in Los Colinas Women's Jail. Barron attacked Grimm with a shovel and has committed other acts of violence. SHe frequents Pico Promenade. The restraining order, if approved on July 7, will instruct Barron to stay 50 yards away from the Pico Promenade.

The team also cleaned up an encampment location at 545 W. Aviation. "There appeared to be multiple transients living among the bushes with signs of drug and alcohol use. There have been multiple arrests from that encampment throughout the last few months, which were observed by local businesses," said Tony Campbell of AC Investigations and Village News. The encampment included random lumber, an old refrigerator, a mattress, pallets, rugs, a couch, shopping carts, a lawn mower, etc.

When Village News asked Lt. Claudia Delgado if this was by her direction, she said, "Yes. It's my patrol Sergeant and his team. They're just being proactive in the area. That is the direction for all the teams. Little by little!!"

At the town hall for Homelessness held recently at the Library, Lt. Delgado encouraged the audience to make a call if they see something.


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