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Shocked and disappointed in Fallbrook Republican Women's Club

Shocked and disappointed in Fallbrook Republican Women’s Club

I am sorely disappointed in the Fallbrook Republican Women’s Club for allowing their invited and discredited speaker Douglas Frank to continue speaking after he advised the crowd “if there is ANTIFA or left wing radicals in your town of Fallbrook, don’t go to the police to stop them. Get your rifles and use them to rid your town of these radicals.”

I was in the audience Friday, June 9, at Frank’s talk at the Mission Theater and was shocked to hear him advocate the same type of violence that sparked the Jan. 6 rebellion at our nation’s Capitol. Whatever happened to the Republican Party who praised law and order?

I’m more than disappointed. I am shocked that they allowed him to present dozens of meaningless charts which have been discredited by 42 states and 60 lawsuits regarding “stolen elections.” Shame on that club.

If anything, the FRWC should be alerting us that the twice impeached former President Trump has violated more than a few federal laws and has exposed our nation’s secrets to anyone who walked through his Mira Lagos’ theater, bathrooms, bedrooms, storerooms and closets.

He has weakened our nation and jeopardized the lives and safety of our allies. Hopefully this latest indictment will result in him going to jail for his crimes against our country. The Republicans should be searching for a more viable candidate with good character.

Jerry Sarnataro


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