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BREAKING: LAFCO votes to approve FPUD and RMWD detachment from San Diego Water Authority

EARLY VERSION BREAKING NEWS: In a 5 to 3 vote today, July 10, 2023, LAFCO voted to allow Fallbrook and Rainbow to detach from San Diego Water Authority (SDWA).

Directors Desmond, Willis, Drake, Vanderlaan and White voted in favor of allowing the detachment, while Directors Anderson, Whitburn and Becker voted against allowing Fallbrook and Bonsall to detach.

The normal procedure is that after a 30-day period, Fallbrook and Rainbow can hold separate elections and the final decision will rest with the voters on whether the local water districts will detach and join EMWD.

There is also a good possibility that San Diego Water Authority will file a lawsuit against LAFCO to try and stay a local vote. Some of the supporters at Harry's didn't believe that would be successful.

Fifteen to 20 local residents traveled to San Diego to attend the LAFCO hearing and possibly speak.

David Baxter, an FPUD Director for Subdistrict No. 1, spoke during the hearing addressing the concern of SDWA that they would lose 1.5% of their annual revenues, saying, if they can't manage 1.5% loss in their revenues, what does that say about them?

Key community members attended the meeting including Planning Group Chairman Eileen Delaney, Planning group members Jeniene Domercque and Stephanie Baxter, FPUD Director Charlie Wolk and Chamber Executive Director Lila Hargrove, among others.

Eileen Delaney said that she was, "Thrilled" at the vote. She said, "A lot of misinformation was disseminated, and I was afraid that some of the directors would bow down to the pressure from the big governments, including San Diego, but they saw it for what it was. They said that it was legal for us to detach and that was the bottom line."

RMWD Division 3 Director Miguel Gasca, Board Vice President said, "We've been a cash cow for down south for too long."

Jack Bebee, General Manager of FPUD, said, "I'm just really happy that the community turned out and made a difference and I'm really looking forward to moving this process forward to do something about water rates."


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