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Totalitarian tactics to censor RFK, Jr during censorship hearing fail

Julie Reeder


Last Thursday, there was a hearing on censorship during a select subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. (If you don’t think that is happening, you aren’t watching or reading enough news sites.)

It is a new fact of life. If you are a real journalist uncovering embarrassing things in our government, like Project Veritas, then you will have the FBI at your door arresting you. Unless, of course, your last name is Biden, as we heard from the whistleblowers last week.

If you are a doctor or scientist and you have a professional opinion that is contrary to the government agencies that have been captured and funded by the very industries that they are regulating, then you will be censored.

You will not only be censored, but also vilified. Bullying and character assassination will be used against you, no matter how much you have served the public good, fought for clean air and water, or saved children from birth defects. It won’t matter, because the very agencies, like the CDC and the FDA, which were originally objective and set up for the public good, are now also tools for industrial profit. They may also do some good work, but how much good work can you do when you participate in censorship of your opponents and you lie to cover up information that is hurting people, so that your new product can hit the market and make billions of dollars?

If you are running for president and you threaten the existing permanent DC power structure, the administrative state (which continues from administration to administration) then you have the “whole of government” coming after you, like they did with Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, and dozens of others. Love Trump or hate him, if you threaten those peoples’ power, then you have the FBI, the CIA, and other agencies and committees after you for years, not just to get you, but to destroy you.

It used to be, from the 60s through the 90s, that you would just be killed, but that’s too risky now, so they just use tax dollars to endlessly persecute you.

During Obama’s administration it was the IRS who was caught targeting conservative groups like the Tea Party.

So, yes, there is government weaponization.

And an important part of that is censorship, as we found out during the release of the Twitter files. The government agencies were working in concert with Facebook, Google and Twitter to censor opponents.

It was ironically and blatantly on display last Thursday, July 20, when the Democrat minority chair tried to censor Democrat candidate for president Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. during a censorship hearing. It was unbelievable. Apparently, she presented a letter with 200 Democrat signatures stating that Democrat RFK Jr. should not be able to speak!

Republican Chair Jim Jordan of Ohio gave RFK Jr. time to address the committee and what an amazing speech he gave on how censorship is a stepping stone to totalitarianism. He said if you look at history, the leaders who censored their opposition never ended up being the good guys. He also made the point that the First Amendment and free speech was not a concept created for things that are easy to say, but for hard conversations. Easy conversations typically don’t need protection. He also said the Constitution was also for hard times.

It wasn’t lost on me how the committee’s Democrat members did everything in their power to censor a Democrat leader who is respected and from a long line of respected Democrat national leaders during a censorship/weaponization of government hearing. Unbelievable.

Ranking Member of the minority, Stacey Plassket, asserted that presidential candidate RFK, Jr.’s speech was not protected by the First Amendment, saying:

“Many of my Republican colleagues across the dais will rush to cover that they have Mr. Kennedy here because they want to protect his free speech. This is not the kind of free speech that I know of.

“Free speech is not an absolute. The Supreme Court has stated that. And others’ free speech that is allowed – hateful, abusive rhetoric – does not need to be promoted in the halls of the people’s house.

“These folks have a plan. They want to give expression to the most vile sorts of speech here in this committee room because it prepares the ground for their own conspiracy theories and pseudoscience.

“And they apparently don’t care how many people are hurt or die as a consequence of their actions.… Because nothing, nothing is more important to them than power.”

Seriously? It is so frustrating to me that people aren’t aware enough to understand that this strategy to vilify and character assassinate your political opponents (even in your same party), is the same strategy used by dictators. They say their free speech is “dangerous” to the masses and that it is acceptable to limit their free speech for the health, welfare, or greater good of the population. They fold it into benevolent sounding language that seemingly protects the masses, but what it really protects is the dictator, or the existing power structure.

During the hearing, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) began by motioning the Committee to move into executive session, thereby closing the hearing to the public. She made this motion on the grounds that RFK, Jr.’s remarks about COVID-19 at a recent press event are harmful to the public.

She then misrepresented past statements of RFK, Jr. and acted like she was going to give him time to “defend himself” but then interrupted the whole time he tried to defend himself against her lies. I say lies because I do follow RFK, Jr. and I know that what she accused him of is just flat out character assassination and lies.

Ultimately, I don’t think RFK, Jr., who lost his father and his uncle to assassination, shutting them up permanently, is going to be intimidated by dangerous totalitarian tactics. He knows what he is up against, which is why he fights so hard. It will just motivate him and make him stronger.

The American people, Republican and Democrat, who see what is going on will work harder to support him, because they don’t like the dirty politics and totalitarian tactics.


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