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Area 1 voters, please support Lief Hansen

I am writing to share my understanding and observation of one of the candidates available to elect through mail-in only ballots postmarked by Sept. 19. This exceptional gentleman and candidate is Lief Hansen. Many in our Friendly Village already have known Lief Hansen for years as he has been very involved with the youth in Fallbrook as a coach and mentor.

Lief Hansen is a pro-parents' rights candidate who will also consider our teachers' expertise and input. Plus, Lief Hansen is a Latino father of four wonderful boys who will begin to attend FUHS in the next four years. Clearly, he has real skin in the game as a parent of children currently attending the Fallbrook public schools.

Therefore, Lief Hansen appreciates the need to keep busy parents easily, well-informed about what is going on in the schools and with their child so that families who may have a diverse variety of opinions can discern and choose what is best for their child.

Lief Hansen respects that the parents of their students know their child best, what maturity level is age-appropriate for their unique child to be exposed to certain mature topics and the parents' rights to impart the values they wish to teach their kids. He also believes in accurately following the government process laid out in the law if there were to be any concern of abuse or neglect.

Lief Hansen practices the Constitution presuming the parents' innocence until proven guilty rather than assuming the majority of parents could potentially be dangerous to their child. Lief Hansen loves history and wants children to understand and learn from all of it whether good or bad.

Lief Hansen will protect students from being exposed to literature that is controversial in schools erring on the side of caution requiring parental permission at a minimum, yet knowing that parents always have the ability and right to choose what books they may purchase or request for free from county public libraries from which their unique child may benefit.

His focus will be on improving the academic performance while caring for the emotional well being of all students by informing the parents promptly when an emotional or behavioral issue is detected at school and then helping families if they need to seek out mental/behavioral health experts in health facilities rather than shifting the school's facilities and resources main focus from teaching basic academics to teaching therapeutics academics.

With Lief Hansen you get two for the price of one as he and his wife, Kelly, are best friends and truly one as husband and wife. He considers her perspective on everything. She initially applied to be appointed to the FUHSD board position and would have run herself, but things got busier with her boys and work. Both he and his wife are such a gift to this community, because they see everyone, especially our developing youth, as very valuable.

Lief Hansen will truly see that it is imparted to every student that they matter equally and are all created with beautiful minds and talents that serve an important purpose to make this world a better place. Plus, Lief Hansen will make sure every child no matter what their individual values or struggles feels wanted and safe on campus and free to express their opinions diplomatically at appropriate times.

I can write all of the above because I have had the good fortune and privilege of knowing the Hansen family for several years. I have personally benefited from their compassionate, warm, and sacrificial hearts as a single mom struggling to get back on her feet. These two went out of their way to provide opportunities for me to get ahead at cost to their own resources sometimes and loved on my child like family.

Because of their good listening ears, action-oriented big hearts, and helping hands with tangible positive results, my little family did not just survive, but is thriving! If you want to feel like you are dropping your children off to a school where you truly can feel you trust the staff will care for your children the way you would want and go the extra mile to see them excel in life, then Lief Hansen is the best choice for School Board in Area 1.

Marie Morris


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