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The right to question policies

VILLAGE NEWS CLARIFICATION: The monthly Writers Read event at Fallbrook Library is not hosted by "local Democrats in Fallbrook" as was suggested in an opinion piece, "The right to question policies," published in the Oct. 5 issue. Writers Read at Fallbrook Library is a nonpartisan monthly event with a politically diverse audience, the members of which find common ground in celebrating the written word.

I am wondering where the Democrats are who wish to question the media and big business. I remember being a student at CSUSM, as a sociology major, and I spent years reading articles, textbooks, and philosophies that encouraged free thought, evaluated research, and understood the ploy of the media to cater to big business. Question everything.

When the pandemic hit, I watched my fellow Democrats cater to big pharma. It seemed so obvious that the pharmaceutical companies were going to profit over a sickness that most of us young, healthy American citizens would rebound from in 3-5 days. I didn't take the vaccine and was ridiculed and even called a "white supremacist" for making an informed decision to not take the vaccine. I was forced to test for COVID twice a week at work.

This irrational reaction by those I respect (and still love very much) was shocking to me as a "free thinker," who always made reasonable decisions for myself and my family. It made zero sense to me to take the vaccine (yet I had no problem with anyone who might take it) especially as big pharma worked to advertise and profit from something that we had no idea of the consequences.

Fast forward three years, excess mortality in the US has jumped nearly 85%, according to "Fortune Well," a reputable publication. It is reasonable to ask questions and inquire as to whether an experimental vaccine, that included MRNA and other unknown, experimental ingredients would perhaps be a catalyst of said hike in mortality rates.

It used to be an applauded character trait to question authority, question big business, and look at research and numbers when making decisions. Not anymore. The left in the U.S. has become a group think tank. No individual questions are welcome, and if big media corporations say something is true, then it must be. If you question it, you are now a conspiracy theorist.

This dangerous rhetoric and thought is now infiltrating our local schools. Big publication companies have worked with big government to create reading material that is hyper-sexualized to put into schools in California (See CHYA).

At the expense of well-meaning and caring individuals, the books that have entered our school libraries are inappropriate and pornographic. Many parents were shocked to read stories such as "Beyond Magenta," which details a 6-year-old boy performing oral sex on neighbors; with no consequences or talk of the fact that said 6-year-old boy was molested.

Another, "Fun House," which shows cartoons of a student having sexual relations with her teacher. Also, "This Book is Gay," which teaches kids in detail, how to have homosexual relations as well as how to get on gay dating apps.

These books are a dream come true for sexual predators and are a springboard to groom and create future sexual predators. They normalize sexual promiscuity and hyper-sexualize children. Just like we don't allow kids in high school to watch X-rated, or R-rated movies at the movie theater or in class, we also should reasonably ask these books to be taken off the shelves at public school.

But the left has been on another misinformation campaign. They have called parents, who wish to have appropriate books on the shelves at our educational establishments in Fallbrook "Book banners," "burning of books" "conspiracy theorists" "homophobes." The list of the names go on.

Book banning couldn't be further from the truth. Gavin Newsom has a lot to gain from these books. His wife, Jennifer Newsom, has several book deals in California school districts to further the plight of hyper-sexualization in schools. The Newsoms have a lot to lose if schools remove the inappropriate books in the library.

Instead of questioning big government, and their relationship with big publishing companies, local Democrats in Fallbrook want to say that we are "banning books." There is a reading at the Fallbrook library of banned books; such as "To Kill a Mockingbird" (which is a book that I have taught as a teacher- and love).

I would love for them to read some of the excerpts from the books that Gavin Newsom has placed in school libraries. And I would also love for them to understand the monetary gains that the Newsom's have to gain with the recent passing of AB-1078, which takes away local control from school boards to be able to look through the libraries, and remove age-inappropriate books from the shelves. The passing of AB-1078 should be illegal. It is unconstitutional at best.

This is another power grab from left-leaning policy makers, who stand to make money on these big government deals and laws that they pass. I hope that more people decide to think about the major implications of what the media tells them, and what they vote for, and consider the dangers to our kids with these terrible decisions made.

Lindsay Jones


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