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Tri-City Hospital hit by ransomware

Private records released on the Dark Web

Village News Staff

There was a significant ransomware data breach and attack of Tri-City Hospital last week, and the subsequent display of records on the dark web. Cybersecurity experts are highlighting the risks of stolen personal information and the ensuing threat of identity theft and credit card fraud.

The breach, which saw confidential records illegally accessed, underscores a growing concern over digital security in sensitive sectors.

Jake Milstein, a cybersecurity advisor at Critical Insight, emphasized the potential dangers, noting that stolen information can be exploited to apply for credit cards in a victim's name. This can lead to substantial financial damage when unsuspecting individuals are confronted with hefty bills for purchases they never made.

Milstein recommends that individuals, especially those with children who might have been affected by the breach, proactively contact credit agencies to freeze their credit. This action requires specific authorization for any new credit card issuance, thereby offering a layer of protection. While acknowledging that a credit freeze might complicate some financial procedures, such as loan applications, the benefits of such a measure are significant, particularly for protecting minors' financial identities.

The San Diego Cyber Center of Excellence also issued a statement, stressing the importance of robust digital hygiene practices in the wake of the breach. The center outlined key measures for enhancing online security:

• Activating multi factor authentication wherever available to add an extra layer of security.

• Keeping software up to date, preferably enabling automatic updates, to guard against known vulnerabilities.

• Exercising caution with online links and emails to avoid falling prey to increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks.

• Employing strong, unique passwords and utilizing a password manager to avoid the risks of password reuse.

These steps, the center asserts, are critical in reducing the risk of digital exploitation and identity theft.

The data breach incident first came to light in reports by the San Diego Union-Tribune.


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