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Kicking It in winter

Winter is here and here are some clues.

Well, for one thing, the best persimmon crop we’ve ever had ripened.

Which explains why there is a murder of crows hovering near her treetop for two.

And three, her leaves have turned to a rich jewel tone as they lay at her feet like an Arabian carpet.

Similar to other world class locales, this village is situated a few balmy degrees above the 30th parallel. Or in sailor speak, due west and south of Gibraltar and the Spanish border, near the best parts of Greece, and other often-visited cities across the eastern Mediterranean. Imagine if you will, even Tokyo lies just above the 30th parallel.

What exactly does that mean? Weather wise, we are blessed. Shhh. Okay? You know it. I know it. Now shut up about it!

No need to broadcast our temperate winter months. After all, occasionally, during our few chilly hours of winter, the temperature might deign to dip as low as 32 degrees while we sleep. Knowing full well ahead of time that it is sporadic and barely requires a mention.

Which is why we all wear a secret smile every time Dagmar elaborates on a few degrees’ variance. Funnier still is her exaggerated enthusiasm over the possibility of rain, albeit, just a few drops. Actually, local weather reports seem to be the best comedies on television.

Frequently, back in the days when I played a lot of duplicate bridge, I’d stumble across a migrating pair of snowbirds at the bridge tables. Having escaped their icy northern homes for a warmer climate and, really, who could blame them? Certainly, a snow shovel doesn’t fit in this hand!

And just what does it mean? Well, it translates to this: we are truly blessed to live in San Diego County during the calendar winter. Or better still, year-around.

Just the same, did you note last week’s temperature drop? It dipped as low as 43 degrees according to our fancy indoor thermostat. However, just to be certain for any Doubting Thomas’s out there, that temperature was confirmed by our three outside thermometers.

Now I ask you fellas, what’s with that? VJ never had three outdoor thermometers when we lived in central California where there could actually be a shift in the outdoor climate. Yet, down here, where the temperature rarely varies, he has three. Guess it’s a man-thing because I don’t get it.

Now as we enter into our 11th year living in Fallbrook, like the good Girl Scout I am, I am now prepared for those (radical?) temperature dips; now, I just get out my flannel pajamas.

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