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Regarding a coordinated attack by the left

I am using one letter to address the obviously coordinated attacks by far left radicals whose hate for Trump is surpassed only by their hatred for America. To include Mr. Terrell, L. Kendall, J. Lucore and G. Mitchell (Remember these names for future reference).

First, let’s clarify the term Jan. 6th. It should be called the Reichstag II (or 2.0). It was a copy of what the Nazis did as Hitler sought power. They burned the German capital (Reichstag) and blamed it on the Communists. The gullible German people believed them, and backed Hitler and his thugs. Sound familiar?

We know Nancy Pelosi refused Trump’s request for National Guard troops (her job) to be present at the peaceful rally. We know there were Antifa thugs and FBI “operatives” fomenting violence, but the MAGA supporters didn’t take the bait, and in fact called them out as “feds” as can be heard in the tapes.

And as good Nazis and Communists, they accuse the victims of the crimes they committed, as read in these letters.

The people weren’t trying to prevent the legal transfer of power (how could they?) they were protesting the blatant voter fraud to establish the illegal transfer of power. Remember, four blue states simultaneously stopped counting votes, (to make up more illegal ballots), but don’t worry, this time it’s already done, with Gavin’s name on them.

I am sorry, but any further discussion of these deceitful people is a waste of ink. Now I know Mr. Terrell is a Democratic operative and deserves all my contempt.

These “people” pretending to wrap themselves in a flag they would never display, while supporting a party that shows every allegiance to communists and Muslim terrorists is so obvious.

Have a nice day, comrades,

Joe Schembri


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