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Protecting Our Children: From Hollywood to the local school board

In the midst of celebrity glamor, there is a sinister underbelly that threatens the innocence of our children. Recent events involving high-profile figures like P. Diddy Combs have brought to light disturbing truths – a world where exploitation of the vulnerable and abuse of power are all too real, not only with underage young women and men, but with adult men and women as well.

Party goers were given drugs without their knowledge and consent and when they didn’t have any presence of mind, they were put in compromising situations with cameras in every room apparently.

This is what is speculated to have been seized, among other things during raids that took place by the FBI last month. The videos were allegedly created for power and blackmailing purposes. Especially disturbing are the tapes that show how grown men are being raped, or younger rappers like Eminem under disguise are told by P. Diddy that it doesn’t matter how good you rap, it matters how well you perform a sex act on P. Diddy.

Just pure evil, and all the stories of victims like the two Coreys, Haim and Feldman, are true. Haim committed suicide after stories of being passed by grown men at Hollywood parties. Feldman has continued to speak out over the years.

Katt Williams, a well-known comedian has also continually spoken out about the P. Diddy parties, saying he was invited once but never went back. He claims he was offered $50 million dollars four times but he was protecting his “virgin hole.”

It doesn’t appear that P.Diddy is the top of the food chain either. Record labels like Motown are being accused as well.

Some people in the industry have been calling out this behavior for years.

Consider the altered lyrics at Coachella – a seemingly innocuous act that hints at deeper issues. Behind the scenes, P. Diddy, once a music industry icon, now faces a storm of allegations. Multiple lawsuits and accusations of misconduct paint a troubling picture, especially concerning underage individuals.

This isn't an isolated incident. The Weinstein scandal, and revelations about Epstein Island – these were not just conspiracy theories but harsh realities. A YouTuber's account of an unsettling encounter at an elite party underscores the vulnerability of our youth in such environments.

These issues extend beyond the Hollywood Rap scene. Recent reports of child sexual abuse within Nickelodeon crews and elsewhere emphasize that this evil knows no boundaries. As parents, we must understand that the responsibility for our children's safety rests squarely with us.

We cannot afford to be complacent or naively trusting when it comes to our children. We must carefully vet those who have access to our children and remain vigilant about their activities and surroundings. Prevention begins at home.

While law enforcement plays a crucial role, their actions come after the fact. It is up to us to shield our children from exploitation and harm. We have to be vigilant with youth leaders, teachers, friends, parents of friends, and even teachers and counselors.

Especially if they are trying to separate your child from you and keep secrets. Even if they are going great lengths to convince your student that they care about them (maybe more than you).

There’s just too much evil. Children need protection from predators of all kinds and from all our trusted institutions.

Temecula Valley Unified School District passed policies protecting children from pervasive profanity, obscenity, vulgarity, pornography, and erotica, and board president Dr. Komrosky is being recalled because of it.

Activists who are trying to recall him, are confusing the voters by parroting his message of protecting parents’ rights. It appears meant to confuse and unless a parent is really aware, they may vote for the group who is fighting for profanity, and erotica, and no parent notification when something is going on with their student that conflicts with their identity in their school records.

The world is changing, and evil is no longer hidden – it's out in the open. This isn't a call to live in fear but a call to action. Let's hold our children close, not just physically but by staying attuned to their emotional well-being and the influences around them.

If I couldn't ensure my family's safety in any environment, even at the school where parents didn’t have the right to be made known that their student was drastically changing their behaviors, their name, etc., if students were being counseled or advised and it was all being kept secret from me, I would have no choice but to remove them from the situation. As parents, it's a sacrifice we must be willing to make. Our children's innocence is too precious to risk.

In this era of revelations, let's fortify our families against the encroaching madness. Together, we can safeguard their futures and preserve their innocence in a world that often seems intent on stealing it away in a world that just keeps getting weirder and weirder.


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