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  • Tuna, Egg, Shrimp Salads: easy, versatile and satisfying

    Judy Bell, Food Editor|Updated Sep 6, 2023

    “Mom, how do you make….” was the beginning of today’s food column. My son Elliot asked me how I made something as simple as Egg Salad. I couldn’t give him a definitive answer. Maybe, like you, I make certain “staples” in my culinary repertoire from memory. And, despite our zooming rate of technical wizardry, we are not yet capable of transferring information (recipes?) from one mind’s storage to another mind’s receptors. So, we write down recipes our family, friends, neighbors and food column readers might...

  • Salad dressings for summer

    Judy Bell, Food Editor|Updated Jul 7, 2023

    Every season has its attraction for cooks. Summer seems to call for salads, salads and salads. One of my favorites is Salad Niçoise. While your version and my version may differ, both will require a salad dressing. Methinks homemade is best. Let your creativity and palette reign supreme using the listing of ingredients and choose one of the two similar yet different salad dressings. It’s simply a personal choice. Perhaps the only suggestion is to lightly marinate the green beans and potatoes with just enough salad dressing...

  • Try another recipe with cooked cucumbers

    Judy Bell, Food Editor|Updated Jun 23, 2023

    Since fire came into the lives of people, we’ve cooked everything that came our way with some results more edible and tastier than others. I’ve cooked cucumbers for so long that I simply can’t remember when I started. Today there are likely more than a few people who’ve yet to cook a cucumber. Yet as one of the fastest growing vegetables, it behooves all with gardens to cook cucumbers, thus expanding their culinary choices. They’ll also be able to use the fruits of their labor as it produces or as retailers have...

  • Cook cucumbers? Why not!

    Judy Bell, Food Editor|Updated Jun 7, 2023

    Somewhere in my culinary experiences, I was taught “you can cook anything.” Add to that admonition was the caveat: how it tastes will tell you if you ever want to do that again! Thus, when I was given the opportunity to braise cucumbers, I did it and was pleasantly pleased with the result. The cucumbers must not be overcooked. Remove from the heat while still crisp-tender and you’ll likely enjoy a “new” veggie. It also is an unusual veggie to accompany delicate foods such as grilled fish and roasted chicken. Guests...

  • Ukrainian says, "I love America!"

    Judy Bell|Updated Mar 1, 2023

    Judith Bell Staff Writer Alexander Hranchenko, 36, escaped from the horrors of war last October as he made his way from his village in the Kherson region of the Ukraine to Wheeling, Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago. "I wanted to stay and fight. However, my life was not fully my own as I needed to save my family," he said. Alex did so by getting his parents and sister's family and dog to Slovakia. "I found a house for my family and then decided, with my family safe from...

  • "Stocking Stuffers"

    Judy Bell M S|Updated Dec 22, 2005

    Food and Nutrition Editor Taking a cue from the tradition of “stockings hung by the chimney with care,” and the many little gifts that have become known as “stocking stuffers”, here are several jewels of recipes that are simple, delicious and perfect for many of the different occasions that happen only during the Christmas season. Tuck them into your recipe files for special occasions. Several are from John and Terri Newman, Fallbrook, featured in last week’s food column…and there was no room for these Newman...