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Last updated 11/15/2007 at Noon

With healthcare costs skyrocketing and health insurance companies becoming more selective as to what is covered in a health plan, individuals are finding peace of mind with the help of licensed insurance agent Laurie Kirk.

Kirk has an extensive “behind the scenes” background in the medical field that gives her keen insight in the specialized field of health insurance.

“Our country is in such a healthcare crisis right now,” said Kirk, field service representative for the National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) and The MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company.

“I think people should be able to go to any doctor and still have coverage.” This mindset is what propelled Kirk to become a representative for NASE.

Historically, NASE used to be for the self-employed, Kirk said, but now it has opened its doors to people who are not in that category. Many private sectors are forgoing healthcare coverage or providing stringent healthcare packages that are unattractive to its employees.

NASE is now giving these people the ability to make their own choices at a reasonable cost, said Kirk. For those who are self-employed, NASE provides distinct advantages.

“NASE is a benefit package for self-employed people and there are over 100 benefits,” she said. “The self-employed are the highest taxed in the nation and we don’t have benefits.” NASE tries to address and ease these financial burdens.

The top benefit with NASE is health insurance, said Kirk. The reason Kirk chose to work with NASE was because it allows members to go any doctor or hospital. There is also coverage when members travel out of the country.

“It also pays you cash on top of the medical every day you’re in the hospital. There are a lot of benefits,” said Kirk.

Deductibles only need to be met if a member is admitted into the hospital and/or having surgery.

Another attractive benefit is the Return of Premium program.

“At 65 years of age, you get your premium back minus the claims made,” explained Kirk. “What a nice thing to have for your retirement. Besides, it’s your money; why not get it back if you don’t use it?”

According to Kirk, NASE was designed by a group of self-employed people who put together a package for the self-employed, thereby understanding the needs of this group.

“Self-employed people are one of the hardest working people I know. They are movers and shakers,” Kirk noted.

What Kirk enjoys most about her job is the ability to help people. She is adept when analyzing a policy and does comparisons when designing new ones for potential clientele.

“I’ll take any plan, draw a line down the middle and give you so much more that it doesn’t even compare to any other plan out there,” she said.

Kirk will customize each and every plan, and the PPO network that she has access to is one of the largest. Her health plans are comparable to other health plans out there and, generally, help families save money.

What Kirk provides for her clients is freedom of choice. Members can go to the best hospital and visit the finest doctors.

“I want people to make their own choices, and they can with NASE,” she said.

To learn more about how Laurie Kirk can help you with a personalized plan, call (800) 382-1758 or e-mail [email protected]


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