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Ultimate Fighting superstar surprises Marine at dune buggy shop

OCEANSIDE — Sgt. Danny Novoa is a fifth generation Marine and three-tour Iraqi vet who went to B&R Buggies on the Pacific Coast Highway with transmission problems.

Nearly killed in an IED blast last November that took the life of his best friend, the former platoon leader and father of two was seeking nothing more than the opportunity to spend some time camping with his family in the desert while continuing to recover from his wounds.

B&R owner Gary Haugley and his team of experienced mechanics, including Seth Walther of Amplified Sandcar fame, were so impressed with Novoa’s personal sacrifice and positive spirit that they volunteered their time and had parts contributed by a variety of local vendors to repair Novoa’s entire rail.

Although the economic downturn has slowed the arrival of some of the promised supplies, Haugley and Walther unveiled to Novoa one more pleasant surprise.

B&R customers Bob Musso and Tom Casey, founders of Fight Legends Clothing, invited Ultimate Fighting Hall of Fame superstar and former Marine Ken Shamrock over to say hello.

As it turned out, “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” and a surprised Sgt. Novoa had the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) in common, Novoa having served as an instructor for the very combat techniques the Corps had Shamrock update into the program right after the World Trade Center catastrophe.

What started out as a repair trip to B&R Buggies turned into a true display of respect and community compassion for the dedicated services Sgt. Novoa performed on behalf of his country.

Although Novoa is deeply disappointed the severities of his injuries are necessitating his medical discharge from the Marine Corps, he is leaving Camp Pendleton knowing that both his uniformed and newfound civilian friends greatly appreciate all that he has done to make this a better world.


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