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United Methodist Church opens its arms to all of Fallbrook

Fallbrook United Methodist Church is known for its open minds, open hearts and open doors. Its pastor, Rev. Bradley Paul Resare, is thrilled to celebrate his one year anniversary serving Fallbrook.

“Being here has just been delightful,” Resare said. “And the experience in Fallbrook in and of itself has really been the Friendly Village – my wife, P.J., and I really feel like we’re home now.”

While every pastor imparts uniqueness to his or her congregation, Resare brings something many churchgoers may not have previously encountered: an educational background in science and theology.

Resare earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Portland State University and spent 18 years in the pharmaceutical industry.

After his call into ministry, Resare received his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry from Claremont School of Theology.

This month, Resare is preaching a series called “God and Science,” which is sure to be thought-provoking.

“Each sermon is independent,” said Resare, noting how someone can still attend if they miss a prior one.

The first Sunday morning worship series is “The Scientific Proof That God Exists.” Resare provides scientific proof that there is a God who created humanity and the world. “The reality is that God created science,” he said.

The second sermon is entitled “Creation and Evolution, Can They Coexist?” Resare said science merely outlines the processes by which God’s ongoing creation is occurring and helps individuals to use it for their own creative experience in the world. Creation, he said, is ongoing.

“And creation will be over when God says it’s over,” Resare said.

The last part of the series, “Bioethics: What Does the Bible Really Say?” focuses on controversial issues and how people use the Bible to address them.

Resare said there is a human tendency to go to the Bible and find ways to have it agree with certain beliefs. Pulling a line out of scripture in order to do this can be inaccurate, he noted. The passage, Resare said, should be looked at in its whole context.

“The message of the third sermon is that sometimes we have to look into our own understanding and experiences to make our ethical decisions in life,” he said. “The Bible is the living, breathing word of God which is holy true when taken as a whole – but to choose certain passages within the Bible out of context to try to prove our own personal point is, I think, a crime against God.”

While some may have challenges in finding answers to their specific questions in the Bible, Resare said one thing remains paramount: Love thy neighbor.

“We are a Bible-believing church that believes in the Bible to adopt the attitude of Christ,” he said. “And all people are welcome.”

While Fallbrook United Methodist Church continually supports its community, Revere makes himself available for anyone who wants to visit with him. Be it talking religion or counseling, Revere said he is committed to “be there” for each and every person.

Fallbrook United Methodist Church is located at 1844 Winterhaven Road and can be reached by calling (760) 728-1472.

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