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The Santa Margarita Watershed leads to the ocean

Watersheds are land areas that drain water through the streams, creeks, lakes, and rivers to a common low point, and out to the Pacific Ocean.

The Santa Margarita Watershed is one of 11 within San Diego County.

It begins east of the Palomar Mountains near Oak Grove, and that water flows into Riverside County down through Temecula, into the Santa Margarita River and forks through Camp Pendleton and into the Pacific ocean.

The complexity of this water-flow is important to understand in the "big-picture," and keeping it healthy is a priority.

I have often referred to water as the staff of life for all humankind on this tiny planet floating in space for without it, there is no life.

Whenever you hike along the Santa Margarita River, go fishing, or just enjoy the wilds of this habitat, be conscientious and aware of that water-flow and respect it.

Fallbrook has great topography, with its hill and dales, oak woodlands, preserves and a special place to grow such a wide spectrum of flora, which supports fauna, and hooray for Fallbrook. But we must take care of its land and water for its future.

And to the south of Fallbrook is the magnificent San Luis Rey Watershed also flowing out to the ocean which supports abundant wildlife.

Here are a few steps you can take in caring for our precious watersheds.

· Do not use poisonous herbicides for it is killing our soils and getting into our under-ground water.

· Practice proper plant fertilization using organic plant foods like Dr Earth, and others in your garden, grove, or landscape-settings.

· Use clean landscape mulch to conserve water for the warm summer months that are soon arriving.

· Keep your yard free of pet waste, bag it and when walking your dog, carry a plastic bag and dispose of it properly.

· Treat your garden with respect and care as you would a friend.

· Clean up any toxic chemical spills immediately so it does not seep into the underground watershed.

· Put all debris from your household in the properly colored trash bins for pickup weekly.

· Maintain your septic system, and pump regularly.

· Prevent erosion, so no contaminants get into the watershed.

· It is about being good stewards and understanding the linkage from the smallest microbes in the soil to the tallest redwood trees in the world.

· Celebrate Earth Day April 22, by doing something good for our planet and adopt a philosophy that Earth Day is every day.

"Remembering that trees are the earths endless effort to speak to the listening heavens above."

Roger Boddaert – Maker of Natural Gardens is available for landscape and earth consultations at 760-728-4297.


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