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Avocado Festival outdraws Super Bowl

Kudos to everyone involved with staging the 30th Anniversary Fallbrook Avocado Festival. For the past several years, we've come close to bringing in 100,000 visitors, but this year, well over 100,000 came to enjoy a festive day in The Friendly Village. That's incredible! I may be comparing apples to oranges here, but I can't help but remember back in 1988 when San Diego hosted Super Bowl XXII. That event only managed to draw 73,302 people to Jack Murphy Stadium. That means little Fallbrook outdrew the Super Bowl by 30,000, more or less. That's right, we just poked our finger in the eye of the county seat and the National Football League and they don't even know it. Not only did we not have to fork over our hard earned tax dollars to build a stadium way back when, but we're also not paying anything now to tear it down and build another one. Country rubes indeed; we're number one! Friends, we've proved without fear of contradiction that the avocado is mightier than the pigskin.

Jamo Jackson


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