Re: 'I am ashamed' [Village News, Letter, 8/22/19]


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I have to tell you I am rolling on the floor laughing hysterically, wherever do you people get your news?

You hear some fake news sound bite about one millionaire or one billionaire who associated with a child molesting billionaire and somehow President Donald Trump is a known child molester? You do know they call that slander, right?

You overlooked former President Bill Clinton’s association with Epstein and said nothing?

So just because you know someone, now you are the same as them? So what you are saying is Clinton and Trump molested children? Insane.

Liberals accepted that a sitting President was committing adultery in the Oval Office with his despicable episode with a cigar and lied to Congress about it. Another president tells a Russian president to sit tight until after he is reelected, and he can be more flexible. This comment was made on a hot microphone with video footage and yet you said nothing. Talk about collusion and conspiracy with the Russians. Read the Mueller report; they found nothing.

Aside from your fake news channels, can you please prove 10,000 and counting lies? He openly mocked the disabled? That was a hack job of video by the liberal media and that is a proven fact.

As I continue to read your baseless accusations and downright lies, I shake my head that people are so gullible and don’t bother to fact-check their news source. I did it constantly with former President Barack Obama.

Even though I did not support his policies, I respected him as our president and stood up when lies abounded. It’s called truth. The left has not had one civil word for Trump since he announced he was running for president.

You’re ever so slight climate change is nothing more than a natural climate evolution cycle. Yes, we have some man-made smog as you would expect in an industrial society, but with good business regulations, we will be fine. What I don’t accept is the doom and gloom of the world ending in 10 years or the shocking evidence of scientists who “cooked the books” and made up data to support their agendas. They basically lied to the world about their “findings.”

When global warming was proven false, they changed the talk to climate change. It’s not about the climate at all. It’s about the money, power and control of everything in your life.

Hey, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, let’s eliminate the meat industry like you have the lumber, coal, steel and so many other industries. She is an idiot, and this is insanity on steroids.

Dianna Miller


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