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By Mario Morales
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Things to do in Fallbrook - Episode 3 - Harrys


Last updated 4/21/2020 at 11:42am

Mario: What's going on everybody? My name is Mario here at Reeder Media and the Village News and this is things to do in Fallbrook where we go out into Fallbrook and Bonsall area talking to business owners about how they're handling the coronavirus situation, how their businesses are doing and what things have changed for them. So come with me because we're gonna go stop by Harry's.

This is Scott Little the owner of Harry's sports bar and grill here in downtown Fallbrook

Mario: How have you been handling the Coronavirus situation?

Scott: Difficultly. You hou know it has been hard especially for my employees, which is a tremendous concern obviously, but it's something that we need to keep up and running. That I'm not going anywhere you know. I'm into this thing all the way. We're so proud and happy that people are still continuing to come in and and place orders with us and things like that and the phone calls we receive about how much they miss it is overwhelming and it's so much appreciated

Mario: Has your sanitation process changed since the quarantine?

Scott: It has in terms of how often we're doing it. We've always had four Purell and sanitizing stations here, in the bathrooms and to other locations ,to encourage since day one that people do that and we maintain a very clean kitchen. Probably one of the best compliments we ever got was from a plumber that came to fix the sink of mine and had never been here before and wrote something on Yelp about how he fixes restaurants and stuff like that and that he'd never seen a kitchen so clean before. So that's a tremendous compliment for me of course. You know compliments from the customers of work, but yet we're cleaning things differently more regularly we're staying on top. We've got our Health Department signs posted as they required us to do and make sure we're cleaning bathrooms hourly, doing all the right stuff, staying away as far as we can from people, wearing the mask and the gloves and things like that when we're around food and customers, but it's difficult. I mean it's it's very very difficult. It's expensive

Mario: Coming on the heels of the alcohol license being temporarily suspended, how much more has the quarantine affected you?

Scott: Very significantly. The heels of... well the start till where we are still now, with the license was a tremendous impact. It's something I don't want to really dive into deeply, but yes it's significantly impacted us. It wasn't any necessarily wrongdoing on our behalf, but it is what it is and it's was an impact. Now that I can only have to go orders its diminished even more. People would still not everyone's coming here to drink, you know. A lot of people do, but they'll come in. They were still in support of us, coming in and having a soda and a burger or something. And still they could eat here now I want its to go you know our hands are strapped and we found that the people that come in here now and take their order to go are tipping in percentages that are much higher above than what you would normally expect or even think and we're I know my servers are very very appreciative of that and as much as this has been a struggle I'm convinced that when it's all over we'll be back and you know then saying we back and better than ever and that's what I really truly believe

Mario: So how has your services changed since the pandemic?

Scott: Well obviously since the pandemic it's just to go only with the liquor issue that separate apart from that problem but yeah it's all we can do we haven't changed our menu we're wide open on the menu we are offering some specials on a daily basis for example we do two burgers or two sandwiches our combination of that with fries and five wings your choice of the seasoning on those for seventeen dollars and you can easily feed two and probably three and we've got a lot of people in the community taking advantage that on a nightly basis we much appreciate that as well

Mario: Is there anything you would like to say to the viewers?

Scott: really just thanks for hanging in there with us we're all very appreciative and I promise you I'll be back where I was and we'll be better than before before we'll be fine thank you so that was it for today guys thank you so much for tagging along as always please support our local businesses Harry's is still open doing curbside pickup they got great burgers great sandwiches so go stop by and as always I look forward to seeing you in the next episode see you there


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