Re: 'How can so many be duped?' [Village News, Smith Letter, 10/28/21]


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We all wonder the same about you. How can educated people be so naive and gullible?

Yes, we are blessed to be in a country free from all the diseases you mentioned. However, those vaccines were well tested for years compared to months for this CCP virus vaccine we have now. Those vaccines actually prevented the diseases you describe with very little to no side effects. And our government wasn't hiding all the facts and falsifying the data.

I don't remember reading your letters about all the BLM and Antifa "rallies" burning down our cities and wondering who organized them! At least I read all the science and wonder why there are two very different sides to the data. Have you even read the other side of the data or is your confirmation bias crippling you?

Why is your side trying to silence the other side on every single issue including this vaccine that we differ on? Are you not concerned about seeking the truth? If the vaccine is so great, then why are you so afraid of me not taking it? If you are vax'd and you believe in it and are safe, then leave me alone.

Our government has become so corrupt in almost every department and if you took the time to watch the truth being reported with facts to back up the assertions you'd be skeptical too. You want to know why people are skeptical about the vaccine? A fellow conservative wrote some of this and I added my two cents along the way: First the government told us not to wear a mask because they really don't help. Actually touching your face constantly transfers the virus to you. Then wear two or three masks where you really can't breathe.

They said if we got vax'd we didn't have to wear a mask. Now we have to wear one regardless. The government said, wear a mask and social distance until they flatten the curve. Where is that curve? The hospitals are not overloaded, but we are still wearing a mask. Some hospitals won't even let you visit without a vax passport. We let our loved ones die alone for a virus that is 99.5% survivable!

Kaiser won't do certain life saving procedures unless you are vax'd! Imagine letting you die from refusing to replace your pacemaker because you won't take a vaccine for a virus that is 99.5% survivable, but without the pacemaker you are guaranteed to die! They actually did this to a friend of mine. No vaccine, no replacement. Health extortion!

Government said we couldn't gather with family and friends as we'd be super spreaders, yet BLM and Antifa looted, burned and rioted for months with no masks and shoulder to shoulder. Many of our elected politicians who issued their mandatory mask wearing rules were caught on camera not wearing theirs! Caught partying without masks while us common folk have been jailed and fined.

Government said once vax'd, life would return to normal, yet with each new variant they find a reason not to return to normal. Government said once we got the vaccine it would prevent us from getting the CCP virus. Now they say it will not stop you from getting the virus and it won't even stop the spread of it. So what is the point with an experimental unproven vaccine?

Mr. Biden and our Government said getting the vaccine would be voluntary. Now they say it is mandatory or suffer your job loss, along with everything you've worked for in life.

No funerals unless you were George Floyd's family who held at least three funerals. Even today, hundreds of thousands of illegals are entering our Country with the virus and being bussed and airlifted to cities around the U.S. under the cover of night/early morning so not to be discovered. Afghans flown here who were not translators working with our military, but simply poor people wanting a better life are not made to take the vaccine, while we left behind our American citizens stranded in a terrorist country to be tortured and killed.

The government shut down our economy, destroyed businesses, putting millions of people out of work all for a virus that is over 99% survivable? We will see many variants of this virus in the future so are we going to continue with this communist takeover of our Country and way of life?

I wouldn't be surprised if they use the common cold and flu as a weapon. Funny how the government officials making the rules did not lose their incomes or jobs. Easy for others to dictate to the rest of us when it doesn't affect them! Tell me why the mandatory vaccine is not mandatory for federal workers, postal workers or Congress and their staff? Why is that? Do they have natural immunity?

We the People do not trust what government officials, bureaucrats or any of our public health officials say anymore. Fauci is a liar and maybe even criminal in what he did. He not only funded this virus with our tax dollars but tried to cover it up after the WHO already covered it up for China! So Bobbi, when we protest for the freedom to choose, we protest for your freedoms the ones most liberals scream about when they abort their babies, screaming, "My body, my choice!" No vaccine, My body, my choice!

Shanika Benson


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