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Open letter to all new board members and incumbent board members

Julie Reeder


From talking to parents and different people, I think we can agree that transparency is important. Obviously, people don't want backroom deals going on, but it’s not against the Brown act to talk to another board member about items that need to be discussed, as long as you don't bring in a third person.

Be aware of fear mongering as a way to control. Question what you are told, especially if it involves trying to scare you somehow. Be a bit skeptical. Don't be afraid that people won't like you.

Voters who put in conservative school board trustees just want their kids to continue getting a good education, free from the sexualization of everything, including children and the introduction of inappropriate ideologies that they are too young to have to figure out.

Remember board members that you are the employer. The administration works for you. For all the good that happened in the FUESD, it is my opinion that there is a sigh of relief that can be felt because of how controlling it seemed to be.

Board members, it is your right and responsibility to understand everything that has gone on prior and is currently happening, especially with financial agreements costing the district hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And while the president of the board adds items to the board agenda, it is imperative that your items are added and the voters in your district are represented. If you cannot get items on the board agenda every month, then your voters are disenfranchised and not being represented.

I would invite you to contact the paper and alert us if these things are happening so that we can follow up on it. There were a lot of changes this election and a lot of new board members and hope springs eternal but don't be afraid to contact us if you need some support.

It's our job. Thank you for your commitment to our community.


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