Cranial Facial Release technique is an enlightening modality


Last updated 3/30/2023 at 1:43pm

Dr. Adam Del Torto specializes in a unique and interesting "balloon-assisted" cranial adjusting technique. Village News/Courtesy photo

Shelby Ramsey

Special to the Village News

Most people are familiar with chiropractic care, where a trained and educated specialist uses their hands or a small instrument to adjust the spine in order to reduce nerve interference, relieve pain, and improve body function. But how many have heard of Cranial Facial Release – a chiropractic adjustment "above the neck" specifically targeting the cranium?

An expert on this intriguing topic is chiropractor Dr. Adam Del Torto, who specializes in this unique and interesting "balloon-assisted" cranial adjusting technique.

Del Torto is the founder a...

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