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Kicking It

Here is what has been rolling around between my ears. It’s the 4th of July.

“And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.” You’ll recall this famous excerpt from John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address.

My fellow Americans, for me, that plea rings truer today than in 1961.

As for now, let’s all settle back and enjoy these next few months of summer and the bounty it provides like sweet watermelons, lush strawberries, red ripe tomatoes and delicious corn on the cob. Here at our house, we celebrated the 4th by initiating our new BBQ grill.

Even while this year’s summer was slow to arrive, it is very likely here to stay. Which simply means, finally, the kitchen bay window is sparkly clean. It is such an impossible window to clean in the first place, that we wait (and wait) until the last threat of rain is off the radar before VJ pulls out the ladder to first wash the retractable awning across the back of the house and then second, to wash the outside kitchen bay window panes under that awning outside of the kitchen sink. It’s a whole big thing.

Another indicator that summer is here is the constant need to refill the hummingbird feeder. It’s now feeders. Plural. I had to add a second one since our Oriole population has increased to from two to three mating pairs plus countless numbers of freeloading hummingbirds. Meanwhile, VJ continues to feed birds and bunnies in the backyard. It’s like looking into a fairytale back there.

Since VJ wasn’t interested in taking a few days away, I grabbed the grandkids and their mom to join me for a quick jaunt across the San Pedro Channel to Catalina Island on the last Tuesday in June.

When we left home the morning fog still hugged the ground, yet by the time we arrived in Dana Point to check in, the sun was out and we could almost see Catalina. Our ferry left the dock at 2:45 p.m. and after 90 minutes of bone-jarring, gut twisting pounding, we made it to Avalon. Naturally, once on terra firma, we all felt better. It was a short walk to our hotel allowing us just enough time to scoot back to South Beach for bingo at 6 o’clock. Lucas was the only winner, a $10.00 ice cream card.

After breakfast, we spent Wednesday exploring the gift shops, the arcade, the waterfront, the ice cream parlor and the beaches. Even though the water was too cold for my toes, both grandkids jumped in without pause!

As vacation often does, it ended too soon. Next thing I knew, I was putting my dirty clothes in the laundry basket back at home.

The question now is what to do with the rest of the lazy days of summer? Everyone is encouraged to write and tell me what your plans are, where you are going or even what you’d like to do if money was no object.

Dream a little.

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