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I have some questions that I would love some feedback on in letters next week.

The issues surrounding minors, transgender, gender-fluid, non-binary, etc don’t seem to be going away. This life-changing, family-changing cultural phenomena is complex and controversial. Teenage gender transitions and the impact on families and individuals involved can be permanent and sometimes fatal. For that reason, we have to discuss it continuously, especially as all these issues work their way through the courts, and so far, our Governor and our AG seem to be on the wrong side of the law, at least from the decisions so far. Parents still have the right to care for their children. They aren’t wards of the state, at least yet.

There are two precedent setting lawsuits that have been won on the part of parents and teachers who don’t believe they should be hiding information from parents,

The Spreckels and the Escondido lawsuits. See story in this paper. The mother in the Spreckels District who won her lawsuit from the district that hid her daughter’s social transitioning (who has now transitioned back to a girl), and the Escondido teachers who won an injunction against their district that was instructing them to hide transitioning of their students from their parents.

Then there is the story “Mother of trans teenager: Los Angeles County killed my daughter”


Why is Gender theory such a cultural focus right now? (Gender theory is the ideology that you can identify as a different sex than that which you were born)

Is it a social contagion?

Why are schools in California and around the nation promoting gender theory?

Why are so many teachers, school counselors, and admin hiding what is going on with students from their parents? (U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez sided with Escondido teachers and parents, granting a preliminary injunction request prohibiting enforcement of policies that bar teachers from discussing students' gender identities with their parents, which is opposite of Governor Newsom and California AG Bonta’ position)

Since when were parents assumed to be dangerous? (Chino Valley talked to 15 sets of parents about their student identifying as something different with no problems reported)

Why is social media so focused on transgender people? Is it just because it’s interesting to see men in dresses and full make-up? Just wondering…

Since when were sexually explicit books explaining in detail heterosexual sex, oral sex, homosexual sex, considered age-appropriate for elementary aged children?

Why is this even an issue when we are so far below the average grade level in the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic? Or does that even matter anymore?

Why do we need to have grown men, trained in exotic dancing and cross-dressing reading to young children?

Gender transitioning, whether it’s cross-sex hormones, or surgery, has become a very profitable line of work for surgeons and gender clinics. How much money is being spent on these new irreversible procedures for children?

How many are detransitioning afterward or committing suicide?

How many of these students’ sex lives are permanently ruined?

How many are sterile afterward?

Why are counselors who actually counsel kids trying to get to the root of why they are uncomfortable in their bodies having their licenses taken away?

Why is our legislature so focused on passing blatantly anti-parenting, and pro-child trans laws right now?

Since when were parents advocating for their children labeled “extremists”?


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