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Kids say the funniest things

Quotes from brothers Jameson, 7, and Seamus, 5, over the years. Submitted by their mother Kathy Custer

(At age 20 months Seamus is hopping around the room)...

Seamus: “Fok, fok, fok. Fok, fok, fok.”

(Mom thinks to herself, Oh my goodness! Where did my child learn that horrible curse word? Trying to stay calm)...

Mom: “Hey Seamus. What are you saying?”

Seamus (still hopping): “I’m saying f-f--r-r-og, fog, fog, fok.”

Mom: “Ohhhh!”


(Jameson, age 3, pulls on Mamma’s arm to get her off the couch)…

Jameson: “Excuse me Mom. Can you un-sit?”


Jameson, age 3: “Winter’s ice cream is hot cocoa.”


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