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Opposition to Bonsall Community Park

Dear Friends – Jim Desmond and Mark Kieser continue to ignore the Bonsall Community Sponsor Group (BCSG) and Bonsall residents. The BCSG requested in several, separate meetings that Desmond and Kieser move all the high activities to the Del Prado Park and Mark Kieser said no!

There are two parks in Bonsall, (1) Bonsall Community Park (BCG) on Camino Del Rey and (2) Del Prado Park (DPP) off the 76. The DPP is the better location for a highly active park for high activities like soccer, skate boarding and baseball. Located just off the 76, it would present no infrastructure and no traffic congestion problems.

Desmond and Kieser, on their website, claim they conducted over 80 meetings to obtain approval for high activities for BCP. All but one meeting were conducted outside of Bonsall (in Fallbrook, Vista, Escondido, etc.) And with no notice to most Bonsall residents.

For something that’s going to affect all Bonsall residents’ lives forever, Kieser said he was only required to notice residents within 300 feet of the park. But being generous, he gave notice within 1-1/2 miles. This radius still excludes most of Bonsall.

Anyway, since the beginning of this fiasco approval process for BCP, things have substantially changed in Bonsall as follows:

1. The San Luis Training Center now has 500 stalls, expecting to fill them soon with the closure of the San Francisco operations

2. 93 new homes were built across the street from the BCP

3. 401 new homes will be built adjacent to the BCP called Ocean Breezes

4. The Polo Club was recently installed on Camino Del Rey

5. A big change that matters most is that the DPP has since acquired enough land to accommodate all the high activities.

All of the above changes already affect the existing, constant traffic congestion on the two-lane road, Camino Del Rey, and Bonsall’s general lack of infrastructure. High activities at BCP will forever cause daily chaos, especially in an evacuation emergency.

What you can do while you still can: Email Jim Desmond at [email protected].

Dear Supervisor Desmond, I want you to move all the high activities from Bonsall Community Park to Del Prado Park where they belong.

Deborah Howard


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