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Re: 'Looking Back at 2023' [Village News, Maynard letter, 01/11/24]

Here I am wasting my precious time responding to your rant in the opinion section of the Jan 11 newspaper. Why? Because it left me completely gobsmacked. You might seek help for addiction to MAGgot Kool-aid. I hear psychedelics are promising in treating addiction, too bad they don’t help with hate.

How is it I can claim you are off the rails? Your first paragraph blaming President Joe Biden “for global hostility.” Really? Last time I checked he was only responsible for this country, but like all brainwashed MAGgots, you like to throw blame everywhere for everything, except at the feet of your master, Trump and his minions. He is a hateful man who does not exhibit a shred of humanity. Something sorely lacking in the world today, but then like most Republicans, you favor a me, me, me world. FYI – Bullies never win in the long run and neither will he. You may wish to forget 2023, but I will never forget the four worst years of my life, 2017-2021.

Your implications of Biden’s financial gains as being "schemes or unsavory” I’ll wait until you take a realistic view of Trump's family financial gains? Hypocrites is my favorite word to describe Republicans. Every time one of you opens your mouth crap falls out!

You seem to think you represent a large portion of the community, I assure you, you do not. I know many people all over the country who have jumped the Republican rat ship since sir lard ass has boarded the sinking vessel. I will be having a huge party when he loses again!


Linda Wilson


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