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Re: 'The WHO wants to remove your rights and sovereignty [Village News, Reeder letter, 1/18/24]

After the end of a college semester on Nazism many decades ago, my professor concluded with this chilling statement: “And this is what the Nazis accomplished – without computers.”

In today’s world of theatrical politics and troubled times, many of us are nervously scanning the horizon for the next flamboyant manifestation of a Hitler or Stalin, but our search will be in vain. Computers have now arrived, and so too has a new form of Authoritarianism, deceptively dressed in a dull techno-bureaucratic garb. This techno-bureaucratic form of control may appear rather innocuous to most of us, but form lies.

History is thrown to repeat itself over and over again. The potential for Totalitarianism’s re-emergence is now on the horizon. Ms. Reeder’s assessment of the World Health Organization (WHO) and its proposed treaty is a warning bell for a new type of Authoritarianism that approaches but which most of us do not recognize, yet.

Despite appearances, WHO is chiefly a political and propaganda organization – not a health organization. This international powerbroker now boldly “predicts” a forthcoming virus 20 times more deadly than Covid.

How, dare we ask, does the WHO behold such a remarkably clear crystal ball? How does it presciently know in advance that a purely hypothetical virus is going to be so very deadly? Reflecting back upon the lab leak of Covid-19 and the subsequent coverup to hide it may offer us some clues.

But either way and more importantly, as Ms. Reeder explains, the WHO has generated a new term out of thin air known as “malformation.” The once vital and noble act of disclosing governmental lies will henceforth be known pejoratively as “malformation” – and deemed a terrorist act.

A terrorist act? Really? Really. This sleight-of-hand terminology will prevent authoritarian powers like the WHO from ever being questioned, making their official declarations sacrosanct, while deliberately making mindful, responsible citizens questioning such declarations appear as mindless, irresponsible terrorists. This is as Orwellian as it gets, folks. “Malformation” is in the WHO treaty now waiting to be signed.

Regrettably, an insouciant American public is probably far too fixated on their big screen televisions to realize just how our freedoms are slowly evaporating beneath our feet. When the next “crisis du jour” hits – and it surely will – we will discover just how negligent we have been in protecting our rights and our free speech.

The WHO treaty will likely be accepted by the United States in May of this year and with this acceptance comes a most nefarious term – “malformation.” This will likely prove to be a grease slide we wish we had avoided.

Nearly 100 years ago in his book Mein Kampf, which Hitler began while imprisoned, he told the world exactly what he was going to do. He could not have been more honest. But no one listened, and he moved forward unimpeded.

Rodney Smith


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