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The rising tide of Marxism in America

It was a balmy morning, not unlike most summer days in the Windy City, with light winds blowing off Lake Michigan. The year was 1968; the Beatles had just released their White Album. The DNC was poised to select their presidential candidate at their national convention, and our nation was embroiled in an embittered war in the jungles of Indochina, nearly nine thousand miles away.

Outside the convention doors were militant factions from the Students for a Democratic Society, the Chicago Seven, and other loosely affiliated anti-American groups who were gathering to protest the war in Vietnam. This was the romanticized era of Haight Ashbury, and Chicago was the breeding ground for Marxist malcontents – this would be their first foray into American politics, but not their last!

For seven days, clashes between Chicago's finest and these homegrown revolutionaries raged on across the city, with rioters trashing anything and everything that stood in their path. The mayhem made for riveting TV viewing as millions of Americans watched the carnage from the safety of their homes.

But for Chicago residents, it was anything but entertaining – a tragic moment in American history they would not soon forget. Hubert Humprey would emerge from the convention as the party's presidential nominee. As for the SDS and the Chicago Seven, they would go on to spread their Marxist contagion across the country for the next 50 years.

With the Vietnam War winding down, new anti-American groups would surface from the underbelly of America. Among them was the Weathermen Underground, the most notorious and militant Marxist organization in the 1970s. All in all, the Weathermen were charged with 25 bombings, including police stations, federal buildings, and the Pentagon.

After years of eluding the FBI, they were ultimately apprehended, only to be released on a technicality, with lawyers successfully arguing that the FBI used unconstitutional methods to pursue them.

Today, former Weathermen member Bernadine Dohrn teaches law at Northwestern University, and fellow Marxist traveler Katy Boudin is an adjunct professor at Columbia University. Founding member Bill Ayers became a trusted confidant of Barack Obama, a professor at the prestigious University of Illinois, and continues to advocate for Marxist ideals within the Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party has surrendered its core values to Ayers and other Marxist elements in their party. Seduced by the allure of absolute power, the once revered party of the libertarian ideals of Rousseau, Montesquieu, and Jefferson has shed its bedrock principles and abandoned all traces of its political past.

There's nothing liberal about today's Democrat Party and nothing Democratic about the party, either! Today's Democrat Party is more regressive than progressive, more illiberal than liberal, and more authoritarian than egalitarian. They have lost their political moorings, drifting aimlessly towards the jaws of chaos, undeterred by the dangers that await us if we continue along this path.

Final thoughts: On Nov. 5, 2024, we have a choice to make. Will we remain the republic Franklin successfully lobbied for in front of King Louis XIV's court? Will we uphold Jefferson's vision for America that he eloquently expressed with his words in the Declaration of Independence? Or will we disappear like so many vanquished empires whose story is left for archeologists to sift through the dirt to explain to future generations what happened to…America?

Dave Maynard


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