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CWA contacts with Katz & Associates for capital improvements outreach

Even though the Fallbrook Public Utility District has detached from the San Diego County Water Authority and the Rainbow Municipal Water District is in the process of detaching from the SDCWA, CWA infrastructure remains in the FPUD and Rainbow service area and the CWA will have capital improvements projects which will impact local residents and businesses. The Tuesday, Jan. 23, CWA board meeting included approval of a professional services contract with Katz & Associates Inc. for as-needed outreach support services.

Katz & Associates will be paid for reasonable and necessary outreach expenses not to exceed a total of $500,000. The contract is for one year with two additional one-year options being allowed without the requirement for board approval for those options.

Helix Water District board member Dan McMillan, who is one of Helix’s representatives on the CWA board, was the only CWA board member to vote against the contract. Padre Dam Municipal Water District board member Rocky Qualin and Rainbow general manager Jake Wiley, who represent those two districts on the CWA board, abstained.

The use of contractors allows the CWA to augment the agency’s Public Affairs staff without having to add or terminate personnel due to changes in project schedules. The contractors are paid only when performing work directed by CWA staff members.

Capital improvement projects normally require some level of community outreach and communication, which usually begins at the onset of project design before environmental permitting.

The outreach goals include providing reliable and proactive information to the public and key stakeholders to allow demands on CWA member agencies to be reduced and allow residents and businesses to adapt to changes, increasing understanding of the need for maintenance and repair projects and the role water rates play in funding vital infrastructure work, developing trust and credibility in host communities, inviting input from stakeholders and managing expectations and proactively mitigating concerns related to traffic, light, dust, noise and other factors.

The scope of work for the outreach contract includes strategic planning and communications, stakeholder relations, translation services, photos and videos, graphic design, printed notices, tours and special events and media relations.

The CWA capital projects planned over the next five fiscal years include replacing Pipeline 5 in Moosa Canyon, relining Pipeline 5 in San Luis Rey Canyon and from north of Moosa Creek to south of Moosa Creek and San Luis Rey River habitat management area restoration.

Katz & Associations is based in San Diego and was founded by Sara Katz in 1986.

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