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Re: 'Echoes from the past: today's 'Know Nothing Party' [Village News, Letter, 2/1/24]

In response to Mr. Popovich’s letter, he likes history. So let’s delve into history. We get into the wayback machine…cue the organ, and bingo! Here we are in 1854.

The Republican party was formed specifically to stop the spread, and eventually abolish, slavery. Read it, again, fact. Those rascally Republicans had the nerve to want to free blacks that could be called unwilling immigrants.

They ran a guy for president, Abe Lincoln, later killed by a saintly Democrat.

The saintly Democrats vehemently opposed abolition, giving black people the right to vote and allowing them the right to own arms to protect themselves from the militant wing of the saintly Democrats known as the Ku Klux Klan. Their votes in congress were always between 98 -100% within the party. No dissention. It’s a matter of record.

If “the no nothings” joined the rascally Republicans, they must have known something!

Oh yes, another historical figure joined the rascally Republicans, Martin Luther King. I guess he knew something.

I noticed Mr. Popovich refused to address the four states stopping vote counting simultaneously (among countless other pieces of evidence.)

What world do I live in? The one you and your One World Order Type S are trying to conquer.

But the really revealing rant is your apoplexy about “Make America Great.” Three innocuous words indicating our pride in our country and ourselves, but not to someone who hates Trump. But someone who hates America and Americans.

It seems to me that you reveal yourself Mr. Popovich, keep talking Comrade.

Joe Schembri


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