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A modest proposal

I am sure many residents of Fallbrook and the North County have been inundated by numerous advertising flyers from at least three of the candidates running for the 75th Assembly district.

To be frank, all of these three candidate's advertisements are poorly worded, lack basic common decency, seem to be void of any content that relate to the duties required for an elected member of the state assembly.

Primaries used to serve the function of giving political parties the opportunity to find out who in their respective groups would be the best to serve as a candidate in the general election. That function seems to be blurred by having everyone thrown together in a free for all to select two candidates, irrespective of party, to have another go as to who would be the elected member come November.

Perhaps the system needs to go back to the old way of selecting candidates. In the meantime, I propose that candidates, practically those with enormous amounts of money to burn, simply donate as large a portion of their "war chest" to the many non-profits that could do so much good for their respective communities.

Examples of such charities that quickly come to mind are the various food banks, land conservancies, public libraries, and youth and senior groups that all do such vibrant and worthy work for all in our many communities.

Bill O'Connor


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