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Pastor Brandon Way is now Lead Pastor at Christ The King Lutheran Church

Parishioners that I have spoken with at Christ The King Lutheran Church (CTK), all have the same sentiments. They feel blessed that Pastor Brandon Way has been elected by the congregation as the Lead Pastor (Senior Pastor).

Pastor Brandon is not only called by God to ministry, but he possesses the education, experience, and selfless spirit to be an effective minister and leader. His Bachelor's degree from Biola University is in Organizational Leadership. He also graduated with a Master of Divinity degree from Liberty University – John W. Rawlings School of Divinity.

Pastor Brandon has spent most of his life in Fallbrook. He was born in Chula Vista and, in 1991, he moved with his family to Fallbrook where he attended Fallbrook Street Elementary School, then was a student in the inaugural fourth grade class at Live Oak Elementary. He also attended Potter Junior High and Fallbrook High School, graduating in 1999.

As a 16-year-old, he publicly "gave his life to the Lord" at a Christian camp. However, Brandon explains that it was "a gradual conversion," as he was intensely involved in a church youth group at the time. It was also a conversion that took root in his life and led to awareness of his life career. He commented, "In my senior year of high school I knew I was called to be a youth pastor."

While a student at Fallbrook High, Brandon was a member of the varsity football team. Pastor Phil Tukua, who is now retired from CTK, remembers Brandon's time on the football team. He recalls, "On Brandon's uniform was the sign of the Cross. Brandon has never been ashamed of his faith. He has never been ashamed of his Lord. He is going to reach a lot of folks in Fallbrook for Jesus. He grew up in this community, he is called to this community, he loves this community."

As a college student, Brandon took a short-term mission trip to Swaziland in Africa. That began his love for global mission work. His next mission trip to Africa was to Malawi with his future wife, Michelle.

In 2005, Brandon met with Pastor Mark Johnson and Pastor Phil Tukua of CTK. During that meeting Brandon explained that he was interested in helping with the CTK youth ministry. He served in that capacity for some time, then, about 2009, he felt that his calling was progressing to adult ministry.

2005 was a significant year in Brandon's life in other ways. On August 28, 2005, Brandon preached his first sermon – "Be a Lover, Not a Fighter." After the sermon, with the congregation as witnesses, he proposed to his future wife, Michelle. Michelle and Brandon were married in 2006 at Christ The King Lutheran. They now have two sons. Brandon noted, "I do feel very blessed that CTK is the same church where I proposed to Michelle, we got married, where both boys were baptized, and I was ordained."

In 2006, Brandon ministered in Kenya, leading a group of youth from CTK. His ministry trips to Kenya had a profound effect on his own personal ministry. After he accompanied the Kenyan church leaders to the impoverished areas, Brandon then realized that "this is the church. The church is supposed to be doing this – ministering to those who are less fortunate. We need to get out to where people live and pray over them."

Brandon, and others in the community, founded a ministry in Africa called, "Seeds of Hope." This ministry is a nonprofit organization serving Kenyan young adults. The boys are taught trades, such as welding and carpentry.

Over the years, Brandon has been blessed by his relationships with the youth group members at CTK. He has watched them mature and become valuable members of society. Brandon says it is also a "huge blessing" to train the youth to minister in Africa.

His family support system is of great value to him. "My amazing wife, Michelle, is such a good support. I also have two great kids." Brandon and his sons study the Bible together every day before the boys leave for school.

How did Pastor Brandon become Lead Pastor? He was "Officially Called" through a congregational election. However, before the election, a Call Committee was formed to interview candidates. After that process, Brandon was chosen, then presented to the congregation for a vote.

When he was notified of his selection by the Call Committee, Brandon felt the heavy weight of responsibility. However, through prayer and communion with the Lord, he became excited, not only about the future of CTK, but about "the future of the entire faith community in Fallbrook."

Pastor Brandon explained, "At CTK we are not just focused on growing the numbers of the church, but we want to grow in our relationship with God, so we focus on discipleship, outreach, and missions." He continued, "We preach the Word of God, and the Word is not changing, it is the same today as it was two-thousand years ago. The Bible is the infallible Word of God. It will not steer us wrong."

In 2013, Brandon and about five other people met to discuss the fact that CTK needed an evening service that was extremely contemporary. They researched by visiting other churches with alternative services. The research resulted in the founding of "The Brook" Sunday evening service, now in its tenth year.

Christ The King Lutheran offers three different Sunday services: traditional, contemporary, and extremely contemporary. Pastor Brandon said with a smile, "I will be in a robe at the traditional service, a polo shirt at the contemporary service, and you might even see me in sandals at The Brook service."

Pastor Brandon Way has a vision for Christ The King Lutheran, but also for the town of Fallbrook. He explains, "I feel led to lead this congregation, and to minister to Fallbrook. I know what this town is capable of – really leaning on Christ, and not on the world. I put my name in for this position, [Lead Pastor], because I want to be a part of that. Not in any other state or town. Fallbrook. I am excited that the Holy Spirit is going to be moving through every church in Fallbrook – not just Christ The King."


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