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FUHSD names brightest stars as April Students of the Month

North Coast Church hosted Fallbrook Unified High School District's Students of the Month celebration on Thursday, April 4, where some of the district's top students shined bright once again. Meet Madeline Hall/FUHS, Avery Lynas/FUHS Eric Macias/FUHS and Marissa Pearce/Oasis.

Madeline Hall (Nominated by CWO3 Thomas Smith)

With an outstanding 4.1 GPA, Hall is an interesting local student, being not only a crazy gifted student but a competitive barrel racer in our region. Her spirit was captured beautifully by her Dad who said, "The first thing she told me with her eyes when she was just minutes old was 'I got this life thing Dad.'" Talk about a fierce spirit.

She has held impressive positions in her four years of FFA, Platoon Guide, Sargeant, Commander roles in JROTC and also volunteers in the community. Her role model CWO3 Smith said, "Madeline has always had the top GPA out of all of our cadets and let's just say she doesn't let anything get in her way."

Added her mom, "She has always been a blessing as a teenager – and that's something not all parents can say! She always goes 100 miles an hour and while she doesn't succeed at everything, she tries anything and everything and isn't afraid of hard work." Her hardcore work ethic is serving her well thus far it seems.

Avery Lynas (Nominated by teacher Heather Smith)

With a stellar 4.3 GPA, this laser-focused AP scholar has taken the yearbook by the reins and ran it practically by herself even with the onset of COVID. Fun fact – in addition to being a killer student and lovely human, Lynas plays bass in an indie rock band and is a songwriter in her "spare time."

Her mom said, "Back in her first year of preschool, her teacher called her 'bossy.' Of course I was a little concerned. But then, by the next year of preschool, a teacher said that she will use this voice of hers to be a leader." Sort of a Beyonce concept, right? Keep an eye on this budding rock star.

Eric Macias (Nominated by teacher George Herring)

How many students are actively sought after to create a video series for not only the community but the County of San Diego? Eric Macias, that's who.

This IB vanguard student is the first to earn a career diploma through FHS's International Baccalaureate program, in part, by creating an 8-part series on all that is Fallbrook Arts in conjunction with the Fallbrook Art Center and the surrounding arts community. Additionally he was called upon by Herring and the North County Fire Department to create a video series on wildfire protection.

Not only is he creatively gifted, but he is an interesting kid as well. Herring said with a laugh, "Fun fact about Eric...he likes to eat his pizza upside-down. I thought I'd give it a try. It was weird, but I love him so much I had to try it." As the old saying goes, it's good to try new things, right?

On that note, Macias' dad said, "Mr. Herring is a true testament to the amazing power a teacher can have in a child's life." As such, Eric, who is a kid of few words but obviously gifted in the arts, is on his way to a 4-year university where he will continue building upon his mad video production skills.

Marissa Pearce (Nominated by Jack Fresca)

Nominating teacher Fresca said, "Marissa is not just books and sports – she has found her worth in serving her community." She plans to be an ASL interpreter – not something that everyone has the affinity or desire to do. It's certainly more common to learn Spanish in many Southern California communities, but her heart has driven her toward helping a very targeted community that has unique challenges.

At the breakfast Pearce said, "I'm so glad I transferred to Oasis for my last year of high school, so I could focus on my future instead of going out and having fun and partying like everyone else (insert laugh)."

She seems to have that laser-focus that all Students of the Month have – an inert drive to serve and succeed.

Cheers to all our FUHSD students and community members who do the hard work and rally to support these kids so they can thrive and positively impact our hearts and community.

For scholarship information feel free to contact Lynne Grantham at 760/214-1755 or [email protected].


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