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Green, Monday need to get a clue


Last updated 1/4/2007 at Noon

There was no bamboozling about the electorate of Prop A. Mr. Green just thinks this way because he’s upset Prop. A was defeated so swiftly. If Prop. A would have passed the taxpayers’ dollars would have continued to be wasted on setting up endless meetings for the SDAA to rant and rave upon deaf military ears. After all, SD County is an enormous military community, so what did you expect the outcome to be? Dorothy Mildice’s letter was very well written!

Mr. Monday seems to continually bash the Bush Administration and is in denial about WMDs ever being in Iraq. The Bush Administration’s plan was to use Iraq as a stepping stone to engage Iran and Syria. If you don’t believe me, I suggest you look at a map and tell me how else the US was supposed to put pressure on Iran and Syria from positions in Afghanistan and Kuwait. Every intelligent person knew Iraq supported terrorism, had one of world’s most inhumane human rights records and was nothing but a weapons stockpile. Having Saddam being rumored to be trying to acquire WMDs was also a good reason to invade and set up a friendly democracy.

How can you believe there were no WMDs when there was so much overwhelming proof? Denying there were ever WMDs in Iraq is just like someone denying the Holocaust ever happened. This war was not about oil either! It’s estimated there is more oil in our country than in the Middle East, except we will never get that oil because environmentalist wackos prevent us from drilling. Perhaps, the NY Times blew Bush’s most valuable attempts at ending our War on Terror.

It is liberal multilateral idealists like yourself who are dragging this country down. People like you think diplomacy and love will always solve everything.

Mr. Green, you just don’t understand politics. The reason why a Democrat won’t win the presidency in ’08 is because the failsafe for Republicans has always been that Democrats can’t find a worthy candidate. More money for troops is best since the new Congress will immediately cut funding.

David Meyers


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