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Last updated 5/24/2007 at Noon

In response to the May 10 letter to the editor about, “Are we ready for a woman President?” After reading the dribble that was written about Hillary Rodham Clinton last week I had to respond. It would be a mistake to have her run our country. She has no clue about how to run a great republic.

Just look at her duplicity and double talk on her voting record on Iraq. In addition, she tried to hijack the insurance industry with her outdated socialistic style of health care which would ruin our healthcare system and discourage people from going into the medical profession.

She also has no idea about standing behind a great man. President Clinton had a scandalous administration which degraded the office of the president and his ineptness precipitated the war on terror. Yes, a woman for President sounds plausible, but not this maniacal woman who poses a far reaching danger on our families, our children’s future and the economy.

C. Joseph Grant


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