Car enthusiast finally has his Mustang


Last updated 8/28/2007 at Noon


An interview with Temecula Detective Sergeant Chris Manning, 50, whose 1966 Ford Mustang six-cylinder Spring Model is completely stock except for the CD stereo.

Village News: Where and when did you get your car?

Chris Manning: I purchased it in Murrieta as a project car in 1998. It was orange with a black interior, not the original paint. I restored it back to its original interior and exterior colors.

VN: Why did you choose this car?

CM: I always wanted a Mustang since I was a kid, and I finally have one.

VN: What caused you to be interested in cars?

CM: Nostalgia. The ability to work on a vehicle without a computer.

VN: Do you drive it regularly?

CM: I drive it almost every weekend. Nothing far – longest trip was to the beach.

VN: Anything else?

CM: Owning this car and attending various events with other classic car owners has introduced me to some of the nicest people around. Everybody should get one and participate. It’s a great recreational activity.


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