'The day Goliath fell'


Last updated 5/15/2008 at Noon

On that sunny Sunday in May, at the ‘Living Sign’ rally, you could feel the intensity, the excitement! The people came, walking together, by the hundreds, into the thousands. They came with family. They came with friends. They came with neighbors, and, they became allies.

You could sense the determination, the commitment to stop this quarry by standing together on that soccer field. They stood for what they believed was best for themselves, for their families. They stood to tell the politicians, “We do not want a quarry in our communities!”

Nothing could stop them, especially the four representatives of Granite Construction who came also; to mingle throughout the crowd carrying signs, trying to engage people in conversations. The futility of this was ironic, but, they continued to offer up their “facts.”

Stop for a moment and think, “What would push Granite to send out “messengers” – conceit, concern, desperation, perhaps?

Could it be that we held the power? Of course we did, the same kind of power that toppled Goliath; the power of truth.

Jerri Arganda


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