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'Disaster Movie' is a disaster

“Disaster Movie” is a typical spoof film that makes fun of recent movie characters and popular celebrities. Spoofs connect a number of movies into one by mocking and imitating those movies in a funny and entertaining way.

“Disaster Movie” did make parodies of movies, but the humor was forced and unpleasant at times.

Anyone about to watch a spoof knows that it won’t be a well-written or acted film. People should expect spoofs to make them laugh, even if they aren’t high-quality films. The humor in this case was so dry it was a ‘disaster’ of a spoof film.

Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer wrote and directed “Disaster Movie” as well as “Epic Movie,” “Meet the Spartans” and several others.

“Epic Movie” and “Meet the Spartans” were also spoof films but both had better plot developments to connect all the movie parodies into one easy-to-follow story. “Disaster Movie’s” plot was about natural disasters, but it was undeveloped. The story didn’t flow well and went from one event to the next occurring without good transitions.

Even the actors did a poor job of putting good humor into their characters. Carmen Electra, Vanessa Minnillo and Kimberly Kardashian were the only recognizable actresses, but with little or no previous acting experience they were unimpressive. These women and the rest of the cast just didn’t have what it took to bring this spoof to full potential.

The parodies used could’ve been more developed and shown in a different way so the movie could have been higher quality. Movie admissions are expensive, but the experience is fun when the movie is worthwhile.

“Disaster Movie” might make you laugh a little bit here and there, but it is not worth the time or money. What a disaster!

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